Romantic Beach Destinations

At Bliss Honeymoons we understand that you’ve have been dreaming of an extraordinary, tropical get-away, for quite some time. You’re looking for an overwater bungalow, a spectacular ocean view, or your own little hut on the beach. So we scoured the globe and put together an exciting collection of romantic beach destinations that cater to your ultimate wish list.



Overwater BungalowOverwater Bungalows

While “oceanfront” is good, “ocean-top” is oh so much better… One of our most popular accommodation requests, the overwater bungalow, provides a romantic hideway atop the sea’s surface –peer through your glass bottom floor to the natural wet world that carries on only but a few feet below. Experience an intimate stay – on stilts – situated with sundecks and platforms for a quick swim, or the once in a lifetime view that the South Pacific sunset always seems to provide.




beach bungalowHuts on the Beach

With an ocean entryway that trades sidewalks for sand, beach huts are located just close enough to hear the water’s whisper, while providing the intimate isolation usually required of a private romantic retreat. Whether you know them as casitas, beach bungalows, bures, or cottages, beach huts always provide the same – open spaces, breathtaking views, and the romantic atmosphere necessary to make your honeymoon memorable on all accounts.





Bungalow H2O - Bliss HoneymoonsSwim-up Suites

Would you rather walk to your room, or be carried?  While many romantic beach destinations don’t offer the latter, we can provide the next best thing – access to your suite via a lazy river.  Because really, using a sidewalk to get where you’re going was so last vacation…  So swim to the bar to collect your island cocktail; and swim back to your room to sleep it off.  It’s all a part of our quest to offer new experiences to ensure your special occasion is truly unique.





Infinity poolInfinity Pool Suites

Infinity…something without limit; endless in space and size.  You probably know the traditional meaning, but in the context of your upcoming honeymoon, “infinity” takes things to a completely different level. This private beach honeymoon destination boasts a private pool that appears as if it feeds directly into the ocean’s beauty. Infinity suites are surreal, serene, and exotic – combining first class relaxation with private leisure and a guaranteed view to thrill. Take a peek at our Pinterest boards to see some of the resorts and countries feature these visual sensations!




plunge poolPlunge Pool Suites

Say goodbye to the early morning headache of staking out the perfect spot at a crowded public pool. Plunge suites put the water right at your “doorstep”– literally. In addition to the amenities one would expect from traditional luxury vacation accommodations, plunge pool suites up the ante, providing private access to a personal, refreshing relaxation hole located on the deck of your suite.  Roll out of bed and take a quick dip to start your day or finish the night by taking a midnight swim under the stars. Not to mention that plunge pool suites typically provide great views of the ocean, its beaches, or premise gardens; quite a perk when your view is made up of a number of sites throughout the Caribbean and South Pacific, with even more choices in Mexico and the Greek Islands to name but a few.


Bungalow H2O - Bliss HoneymoonsPrivate Islands

Even though technology is making the world smaller, a quick look at a map will tell you that there is still unlimited opportunity to get out and explore the many different private islands tucked away within the globe’s four corners. From here to there – and everywhere in between – we offer a varying selection of jaw-droppingly beautiful islands that are sure to please a variety of personal preferences. Some are perfect for two, while others are appropriate for more.  Either way, you can always expect the best in accommodations equipped with the intimacy, passion, and awe-inspiring experiences to make your honeymoon whatever you desire it to be.


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