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At Bliss Honeymoons we understand that being a foodie doesn’t mean that you’re looking for a stuffy, white tablecloth restaurant. Foodies today are looking for fresh experiences, locally grown produce, creative, healthy dishes paired with great wines and innovative cocktails.


For years we’ve heard from our foodie couples that as much as they wanted to enjoy the luxury and convenience of an all-inclusive honeymoon, they just weren’t willing to suffer thru a week of eating buffet food. We knew there were all-inclusive resorts for foodies out there. We just had to find them.


First, we put together a list of what our foodie honeymoon couples are looking for-things like freshly prepared dishes rather than mass produced buffet foods. Unlimited dining at all the resort’s restaurants, rather than being restricted to one visit during their stay. Foodie honeymooners want resorts that offer top-shelf liquors, local cuisine, expertly trained chefs, and a great wine selection. And lastly, they have to be able to not just accommodate our foodie honeymooners who are gluten-free, vegan, or struggling with a food allergy-they have to wow them with options they didn’t think were possible.


We went on a mission to create the best honeymoons for foodies. We traveled. We ate. Then we created The Foodiemoons Collection. 

Local Foodiemoon Flavor


You didn’t travel all this way to eat the same things you have at home-you came for something different! One of the best things about travel is trying the local cuisine.  You’ll find many of the resorts offer local flavors in their restaurants, along with some of your favorites from back home. At Bliss Honeymoons we look for resorts with lots of dining options. So if you want ceviche for lunch, and a burger for dinner, you can find both!

Your Special Diet is in Good Hands


Even if your vegan, gluten-free AND have every food allergy known to man – you can still have an unforgettable honeymoon. Our foodie experts are here to find you an all-inclusive resort that doesn’t just accommodate your preferences but celebrates them.

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Expert Foodiemoon Chefs

cooker chef tosses vegetables in pan

The resorts in our Foodiemoons Collection seek out chefs that really understand what it takes to make an exceptional meal that reflects the cuisine of the region. So if you’re dining at the resort’s Peruvian restaurant, chances are they’ve brought on a Peruvian chef to ensure the meals have those authentic flavors you’re looking for.

Romantic Beach bbqs & private dinners


There’s nothing better than dining by the ocean. You’ll find fun beach bbq nights that let you mingle with other guests or a private, romantic candlelight dinner on the beach for just the two of you.


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Locally Sourced

farmers market

Many of the resorts we work with have their own greenhouse and grow a lot of the fresh produce that their resorts use. You’ll also find products from local fishermen and famers, which helps support the local economy. We can also fill you in on local food & wine festivals,  food tours, and regional culinary events like Mango Madness in St Lucia, or the famous Taste of St Baart’s food festival.

Creative Cocktails & Microbrews

Foodiemoon - Creative Cocktails

Have you ever thought of putting grilled pineapple in a cocktail? Neither had we until we tried it in Mexico – and we couldn’t get enough! Whether you like it shaken or stirred, we look for resorts with no restrictions on top shelf liquors and cocktail creations you can’t get at home. And you’ll even find some microbrews are making their way to some of the better all-inclusive resorts.

Food & Wine Classes


Have you always wondered what wine to serve with fish? Do you want to learn how to cook that amazing dish you enjoyed over dinner when you get back home? The resorts in our Foodiemoons collection offer wine tasting classes, cooking classes, food festivals, and more.

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” I love to cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”

-W.C. Fields


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