Group Getaways

group getaway

Group Getaways! 


There’s nothing better than a vacation with friends. But trying to find a date everyone can agree on, a destination that’s on everyone’s wishlist, and a price range that works for everyone can be maddening. 


At Bliss Honeymoons we love planning group get-aways. So we’ve put together a package that makes it easy for everyone to plan and book their group vacations. 


Dates: We’ll help you discover the perfect date for your group get-away based on availability, rates, and more. 


Locations: We’ll help you select a destination and resort that offers the kind of service and amenities that will make this a truly memorable group trip. 


Group booking site: We create a booking site that answers all of their questions about the trip, and makes the booking process a breeze! 


No more chasing your friends around trying to get everyone to book! We’ve streamlined the process and taken all of the work off your plate 


The more friends you have, the more benefits you’ll get!! 


Perks:  We give you, the group leader, a choice of great benefits such as free rooms, free airfare, or private cocktail parties. Benefits are based on the number of friends who book in your group. The more friends that travel together, the more benefits you get! 


Perfect for bachelorette & bachelor parties, small family reunions, girlfriend getaways, celebrations, birthdays, and holiday trips. 



So let’s get started! Schedule your free consultation today! 



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