Exotic Couples San Souci Honeymoon Review

Exotic Couples San Souci Honeymoon Review

Does your dream honeymoon include beach-side bliss, mountain views, private romantic moments, and a touch of the exotic? Then take a look at this Couples San Souci honeymoon review. One real couple experienced all this and more, and rated their overall trip a perfect 10. Read on to see why!

Couples San Souci honeymoon review

Couples San Souci Honeymoon Review

Name of resort or hotel where you stayed 


Couples San Souci
On a scale of 1 to 10 , how would you rate your overall experience? 


What was your favorite thing about this trip? Was there a meal or a staff member that made the trip really memorable?  Our corner hotel room balcony view was amazing! We had amazing views of the mountains as well as the water which was exactly what I wanted and was surprised to see both views. We felt so relaxed laying out on the balcony and was so content. We had a great time snorkeling also. Other things we loved about the resort was all the little private areas we happened upon, not one area was crowded which we loved.


We love photos! Do you have any photos of your trip you’d like to share with us?


Yes–see photo above!
Were there any issues that came up during your trip that we should be aware of? Is there any feedback you would like us to pass along to the hotel or resort? 
Not really- I did get super sick wednesday night but I think that was a combination of eating 3 buffets in a row plus the heat and snorkeling. After that point however everytime I ate my stomach would hurt really bad, so not sure if it was a bug or just my body in shock from all the variety. All the buffets were really good and delicious- the buffet at the big show tuesday night then buffet breakfast and lunch at pallazina- I do think that breakfast and lunch should be offered at the other 2 restaurants for non-buffet style meals. It was more-so just learning how to be very choosy with them to not get too stuffed : )


Which of our awesome agents did you work with? 


On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall service you received from your agent?


What was your goal in hiring a travel consultant with your trip? Did we help you reach that goal? 


My goal was to get an experienced eye to guide us to our perfect honeymoon spot to places we had no idea about and within our budget. Kyle did a great job with all the recommendations and I’m so glad we chose this one!


Was this your first experience working with a travel agency? If so, are you likely to engage our services again? 


Yes it was, and yes we are
Some couples have such a great time on their honeymoon that they decide to return on their anniversary. Would you like your agent to look into return trip promos for you? 


We probably won’t travel next year. 🙁
May we share your review & photos on our site or social media with your contact info removed?  Yes


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