Exploring the British Virgin Islands

Exploring the British Virgin Islands

Ready to take off on an anniversary or second honeymoon trip to someplace warm, tropical and breathtaking? Want to visit a destination that boast beautiful beaches, outstanding history and lots of things to see and do while maintaining just the perfect aura of romance for your special getaway? Take a closer look at the British Virgin Islands and you just might find the paradise you’re hoping for.

Located in the Caribbean, not too far from Puerto Rico, this island chain is famed for its warm tropical weather made enjoyable thanks to moderate trade winds. Its British roots lend a European flair to the islands while ensuring visitors from America also feel right at home.

Here are just a few of the reasons, beyond the weather, the British Virgin Islands make for an incredible escape you’ll enjoy from beginning to end:

  • The beaches – The Virgin Islands are famed for their pristine beaches, swaying palm trees and stunning turquoise waters. Those who enjoy water sports will find dozens and dozens of beaches just waiting. Some of the most famous beaches here include Elizabeth Beach, Apple Bay and Devil’s Bay Beach. The waters here are ideal for all sorts of sporting activities, including diving, fishing and skiing.
  • The events and festivals – Hoping to spend the days following your vow renewal or anniversary in a destination that’s festive? You won’t go wrong in the British Virgin Islands. Here you’ll find festivals on the calendar just about all the time. From music and arts festivals to racing and cruising events, there’s almost always something going on.
  • The history – Want to explore the unique history and appeal of the British Virgin Islands? There’s no shortage of places to check out. From museums and galleries to historic sites, the islands have it all. Some of the more popular spots include the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works, the North Shore Shell Museum, the Old Government House and the Callwood Rum Distillery.
  • The hospitality – Visitors who trek to the British Virgin Islands can anticipate stellar treatment throughout their stay. The islands are home to some of the world’s most amazing resorts that are staffed by people who know how to make guests feel welcome. Plus, the islands are also famed for their outstanding dining establishments and nightlife spots that keep the fun going into the wee hours.

Ready to explore the British Virgin Islands? Just consult with our anniversary travel advisors to begin planning a trip that combines romance with wonder.