Planning a destination wedding? Wondering what wedding travel agents do?


If you’ve never used the services of a wedding travel agent, you may not know what to expect! Check out some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten from other couples who were planning their destination wedding or romantic honeymoon. If you don’t find the answers that you’re looking for, just contact us for more info!

How Do I Know If Your Services Are Right For Me?

People that typically benefit from our services have a few things in common. Does this sound like you?


  • You want to work with someone who has traveled to the destinations and stayed at the resorts that they are recommending for your trip. Someone who knows the ins and outs of the destination and has personal contacts at the resort.
  • You understand that price and value are not the same things. You understand that just because a package is the right price, it may not be the right fit for you.  You want someone that can help you find something that you’ll enjoy and afford. And you want someone that will ensure you get the most bang for your buck!
  • You want to work with someone who has a vested interest in your experience rather than just handing your money over to some online site or putting all your trust in online review sites.
  • You’d like to have a go-to travel pro that will be able to answer all of your questions and assist you should an unforeseen event or delay occurs while you are traveling.


At Bliss Honeymoons, we believe in building relationships. Our business has been built on referrals. We hope to become your go-to travel agency for years to come.

Q. When are you available to speak with me?

We offer day, evening, and weekend consultations. If you don’t see a time on our schedule that works for you, please send an email to with the date and time you’d like to schedule.

Q. Is the consultation really free?

Yes. It’s really free. And if you meet with us at our office, we’ll even let you raid the office mini-bar. We have an excellent selection of imported beers and tasty snacks!

Q. Why should I meet with Bliss Honeymoons instead of booking my own trip online?

Simply, because no one on Trip Advisor is staking their professional reputation on the outcome of your trip. Your honeymoon or destination wedding will likely be one of the most memorable trips you’ll ever take. You could spend countless hours online, researching rates and reading reviews without really being certain of what you’re actually getting. Our agents personalize your itinerary to fit your budget and wishlist. And we travel constantly so we’re typically recommending hotels and itineraries that we’ve experienced ourselves.

Q. I am really busy. Can you email me a quote or information without a consultation?

We understand crazy schedules. Because your trip may be the most memorable one you’ll ever take, we never jump into pricing and itineraries without first having a conversation with you. After the initial consultation, we can do everything via email if you’d prefer.

Q. What is the best way to schedule a time to meet with you?

Please use the super handy scheduler located on our website. Just click here. 

Q. Won't it cost more to book with Bliss Honeymoons than booking online?

All travel agencies, both online and agencies like ours, get paid the same way-by the hotels after you’ve checked out. So when you book online, you’re doing all the work, but the online site is getting paid.

At Bliss Honeymoons we have the same rates that you’ll find by booking direct, at no additional cost to you. And you’ll get to support a local business as well!

Q. Which agent should I meet with?

We want to schedule you with the agent who has the most knowledge and experience in your desired destinations. You can see all of our agent profiles and schedule directly with them by clicking here.

Q. It looks like you’re in Ohio. I am in another state. Can I still work with you?

Yes! We work with couples nationwide!

Honeymoon Questions
Honeymoon Questions
Q. When is the best time to book my honeymoon?

At Bliss Honeymoons, we’ve planned thousands of honeymoons for happy couples to destinations across the globe! You’ll find answers to a lot of the most commonly asked honeymoon questions here.

Q. What destinations do you offer?

It would be easier to tell you what destinations we don’t offer! We can send you almost anywhere in the world! Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Central America, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand… each of these is a Yes! 

Although, other than Alaska and Hawaii, we don’t offer any domestic travel.

What if we have no idea where we want to go?

That’s ok! Many couples we work with have no idea where to get started. We can help you sort out the destinations that make the most sense for your budget and wish list.

Why Should I Book My Honeymoon With Bliss Honeymoons?

In short-because you don’t know what you don’t know. The right agent really can make a difference in the outcome of your trip. You’ll find 6 more great reasons to give us a try here.

Q. Do you have a honeymoon registry?

Yes, we have an awesome honeymoon registry!  We’ll go over it with you in detail during your consultation.

Is It Still The Groom's Job To Plan The Honeymoon?

While traditions are constantly changing, a lot of grooms do still opt to plan the honeymoon as a surprise for their partner. Our Groom’s Guide To Honeymoon Planning has some great tips!.

Destination Wedding Questions
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Q. We're planning a destination wedding. When should we get started?

We recommend approximately 12 to 16 months in advance of your ideal wedding date. While many couples want to start more than a year out, rates are often not yet available. While we understand that you want to give your guests enough time to plan for time off work, etc. we find that most wedding guests are comfortable booking about  nine month in advance

Q. What if we want to see the resorts before we decide where to get married?

We think seeing the resorts and destination prior to planning your destination wedding is a great idea.We can coordinate a trip to a destination and help with hotel tours. Please note! We have seen many couples just show up in a destination and try to plan hotel tours upon arrival. This never works. Most hotels require a couple of weeks notice for a destination wedding preview visit. Please ask us for more info.

Q. What are the best locations for a destination wedding?

Most of our destination weddings take place in Mexico, Jamaica, St Lucia, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. While there are other lovely islands in the Caribbean, we find the resorts on these islands offer the best value when it comes to destination weddings. Due to costs or hotel options, we  don’t currently offer weddings in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bermuda, or any of the US Virgin Islands. You can learn more here.

Q. Can we get a group discount?

Dependent upon the size of your group, you may qualify for a free wedding, group discount, and many other perks! The best way to learn more is to schedule a free consultation. You can also learn more in our Destination Wedding Guide 

Q. What do your destination wedding planning services include?

We take care of everything so that you can focus on planning your ceremony and reception. You can read more about our destination wedding services here.  If you’re a visual person, we’ve also got a great infographic detailing our services here.

Why Do I Need A Wedding Travel Agent?

There’s a lot to consider when planning a destination wedding. How do you choose a resort? How do the group contract work? What about flights? We deep dive into the benefits of using an 

agent here.

Who Pays For The Guests At A Destination Wedding?

Destination wedding guests usually pay for their own travel. We’ll manage all of the payments for your party. You can learn more about destination wedding etiquette here.

What's Included In A Free Wedding Package?

A free wedding package usually includes the basics-ceremony, an officiant, and some undecorated chairs for your guests. Free wedding packages do not usually include photography, entertainment, or the reception. You can learn more here

What Are The Best Gay Friendly Wedding Destinations?

There are some fantastic gay friendly destinations out there, and a few you should avoid. Get the inside scoop here.

Pricing And Payments
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Doesn't Using An Agent Cost More Than Booking Online?

Not at all. In fact, a lot of times we can save you money by ensuring that you don’t make the costly mistakes commonly made by people who try to DIY it. Our rates are the same or better than what is offered on the hotel and airline websites. We don’t mark up rates. 

When Is My Trip Deposit Due?

Deposits are due when we book your reservations and are typically about 25% of the cost of the trip. But this can vary by package.

When Is My Final Payment Due?

It depends upon the package. Final payments are typically due either 45 or 60 days before departure for honeymoons. Destination wedding final payments can be due 70 to 90 days before departure. Your agent will cover all these details with you during the planning process. 

Can I Use My Honeymoon Registry To Pay For My Trip?

The challenge with this it that your final payment is usually due a few weeks before your guests start thinking about purchasing gifts. But your honeymoon registry can reimburse you for your honeymoon expenses.

General Questions
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Do I Need A Passport

Yes. You cannot fly internationally with a passport card. Most destination require that you have at least 6 months left on your passport before it expires when you arrive in the destination. If your passport expires in less than 6 months you could be denied entry. Also if your passport has any kind of damage at all, you could be denied boarding. We’ve have two parties denied boarding in the last two years because they ran their passport through the wash. 

I'm Getting Married. What Name Do I Put On My Airline Ticket?

We get this question a lot! Get all the details here.

Our unique approach responds to your needs. Unlike the impersonal nature of online sites, or the “order taker” approach taken by some agencies, we understand that there are many facets of this trip that will impact your experience. We take a hands-on approach to travel planning, and carefully examine each detail. Imagine the time you’ll save and headaches you’ll avoid by working with an experienced romance travel consultant! Click here to schedule your free consultation today!