4 Spectacular Gay Friendly Greek Island Honeymoons

4 Spectacular Gay Friendly Greek Island Honeymoons

gay friendly Greek island honeymoons

LGBT couples seeking a honeymoon in paradise may want to set a course for adventure to the Greek islands. Gay friendly Greek island honeymoons have fast become a favorite for the LGBT community. Nestled in the stunning Mediterranean, the Greek islands are known for their beauty, history, and climate. They’re also known for the friendly reception all tourists receive.

gay friendly Greek island honeymoons

Gay friendly Greek island honeymoons

Greece has long been a popular destination for tourists seeking romantic backdrops. It is an especially attractive draw for those who want to enjoy incredible scenery, explore historic sites and partake in some of the most delightful food in the world. Honeymooners looking for especially romantic spots may find these particular islands appeal:

gay friendly Greek island honeymoons mykonos1.  Mykonos

While only 33 square miles in size, this island has become a legendary hotspot for LGBT travel for a few good reasons. The island is home to some amazing sights, including traditional white-washed architecture, stunning coastal views and “Little Venice.” It also boasts a well-developed tourism industry. Visitors here are treated like royalty as they explore the island that was named in honor of mythology’s Mykonos. The island is also home to a number of LGBT-friendly resorts and destinations, making it an exceptional choice.


gay friendly Greek island honeymoons milos2.  Milos

Located in the Aegean Sea, this island boasts stunning beaches and awe-inspiring cliffs. Its natural beauty lends itself perfectly to a romantic honeymoon while its LGBT-friendly resorts make it an especially good choice for those who want a destination that’s a little less traffic than others.


3.  Tinos

Located about an hour away from Mykonos, Tinos is a welcoming destination that boasts its own unique draws. While just as welcoming as nearby Mykonos, this island offers a more relaxed pace. Visitors will find plenty of romantic sites and will love the quiet seaside villages found here. Since it’s close to Mykonos, this famed destination can also easily be added to the itinerary.

gay friendly Greek island honeymoons kea4.  Kea

While not the most well-known of the Greek islands, Kea is a perfect honeymoon destination. The island boasts a small population, but its tourist trade is starting to boom courtesy of its beauty and welcoming atmosphere. Kea boasts its share of picture-perfect beaches, eye-catching landscape, and quaint villages and that are sure to combine for quite a romantic adventure.

When only a legendary honeymoon will do, the Greek islands deliver. To find out more about LGBT travel to this slice of paradise, be sure to consult with your honeymoon advisor.


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