Get Legally Married in the Caribbean: Everything You Need to Know

Get Legally Married in the Caribbean: Everything You Need to Know

Marriage requirements

Are you thinking about getting legally married in the Caribbean? If so, you’re in the right place! This blog post will provide all the information you need to know about getting legally married in the Caribbean, from understanding the legal requirements to choosing the perfect venue for your special day. Whether you’re looking for a beach ceremony or a more traditional setting, you’ll find everything you need to know in this blog post. So read on to learn more about getting legally married in the Caribbean!

Marriage license requirements:

Some destinations may require a blood test before your marriage license is issued. Here are some examples. 

Medical Requirements:

Mexico: Prenuptial medical examination issued by the local hospital

Jamaica: No test required

The Dominican Republic: No test is required

St. Lucia: Blood test requirement

Costa Rica: No test required 


If you have been previously married, you may also be required to present a certified copy of your divorce decree. 

Residency Requirements: 

So let’s first cover residency requirements! In most islands couples are required to be in the destination for an amount of time before the wedding. This can vary by destination. But here are the requirements for some of the more popular tropical locations. 

Mexico: 3 days

Jamaica: 1 day

The Dominican Republic: 3 days

St Lucia: 2 days

Costa Rica: 2 days 


Most legal ceremonies in the Caribbean require two to four witnesses to be present. So what do you do if you’re eloping? You’ll find that most resorts are happy to find a couple of staff members to act as your witnesses so you can meet the requirements. 


Getting legally married in the Caribbean is possible with just a few easy steps! 


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