Honeymoon in Belize for a Distinctly Romantic Experience

Honeymoon in Belize for a Distinctly Romantic Experience

When you’re planning a honeymoon, there’s one thing you’re likely to discover quickly: there’s no shortage of places to pick for the destination. If you’re thinking warm, tropical and romantic, however, Belize just might be the choice worth making.

Why Belize? This Central American country offers a number of perks that honeymooners don’t often consider. Not only is its climate and geography perfect for sundrenched, beach-combing romance, but the language barrier often present when visiting Central America is gone. The official language in this country is not Spanish – it’s English. Keep in mind, however, that many locals may prefer to speak in Spanish or Kriol.

So, what can you expect from a honeymoon in Belize? Here are just a few things that make this destination stand out:

The unbelievable landscape: Look at a map and you’ll find that Belize is on Central America’s Caribbean coast. It also borders Mexico. As a result, this country has an extensive coastline that’s just perfect for those who love beach vacations. Belize, however, isn’t just about the beaches. The country boasts lush tropical forests and stunning mountain ranges that can make a honeymoon here a real adventure – if you want it to be.

The kind climate: Yes, Belize has a tropical climate, which means warm days most of the year and chances for rain in the right season. Even so, the climate here tends to be rather nice most of the time. With an average temperature of 80 in the winter months, it’s an outstanding destination for those who want to be outside no matter the season.

The things to do: Of course, the first thing most couples think about when the select Belize for their honeymoons are the beaches. Even so, there’s a whole lot more to do here than just get a tan and watch the sunset from a lounge chair. Visitors here can also enjoy some outstanding scuba diving, thanks to the Belize Barrier Reef. There’s also fishing, white-river rafting, jungle and wildlife tours, hiking, bird watching, shopping, dancing – you get the idea! It doesn’t matter if you want an action-packed adventure or a romantically lazy stay, Belize has you covered.

The resorts – Like most Caribbean destinations, Belize is home to a number of fantastic resorts just waiting to cater to your every whim. Here you will find beachfront hotels that offer high-end appeal, small, boutiques that enable you to enjoy the ultimate in privacy and even over-the-water bungalows for a unique experience.

To find out more about honeymooning in Belize, just check with our honeymoon planners. A honeymoon expert can give you the best advice on where to stay, what to do and how to make a trip to Belize fit into your budget.