How to Choose Local Cuisine for a Unique Wedding Dining Experience

How to Choose Local Cuisine for a Unique Wedding Dining Experience

A wedding is a celebration of love, and one of the most important parts of that celebration is the food. While many couples choose to go with traditional catering options, more and more are opting for a unique dining experience by choosing local cuisine for their wedding. 


Local cuisine can add a special touch to your big day and showcase the culture and traditions of the area. But how do you choose the right local cuisine for your wedding? Keep reading and we’ll share a guide on how to choose local cuisine for a unique wedding dining experience.

Choosing a Wedding Menu

Choosing a wedding menu is not the easiest to do. Although thinking about food for weddings is definitely one of the more fun parts of wedding planning, you also want to make sure that you are taking everyone into account.

You want to please your guests, yourselves, your budget, and so much more! Here is what to keep in mind.

Consider Your Location

The first step in choosing local cuisine for your wedding is to consider your location. Every region has its own unique cuisine, so take a look at the local dishes and ingredients that are available in your area. If you’re getting married in a coastal town, you might want to consider serving fresh seafood. If you’re getting married in the countryside, you might want to serve dishes that feature local produce.

Think About Your Guests

When choosing local cuisine for your wedding, it’s important to think about your guests. While you might love spicy food or exotic dishes, not all of your guests may feel the same way. Be sure to consider dietary restrictions and allergies, and choose dishes that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

Work with Your Caterer

Your caterer can be a valuable resource when it comes to choosing local cuisine for your wedding. They can help you navigate local ingredients and suggest dishes that will be a hit with your guests. Be sure to work with a caterer who has experience with local cuisine and can execute your vision flawlessly.

Incorporate Local Drinks

In addition to local cuisine, consider incorporating local drinks into your wedding menu. This could include locally brewed beer, wine, or spirits. Not only will this give your guests a taste of the region, but it can also be a fun way to personalize your wedding.


Add Your Own Twist

While local cuisine is a great way to showcase the culture of your region, don’t be afraid to add your own twist to the dishes. Work with your caterer to put a unique spin on traditional dishes, or create a fusion menu that combines local ingredients with international flavors.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is also extremely important when choosing your food menu and the catering service for weddings. 

You have to take into account your overall budget as well as the budget you have for your food options.

If you are on a tighter budget, instead of having four entree options, you may want to reduce it to three. Luckily, you can likely get more options when you choose to do a package with a wedding travel agent.

Determine the Serving Style

When you are thinking about food for weddings, you will also want to think about how the food will be served. Will it come out on plates for your guests? Will it be a buffet?

This can also affect the type of food you have when choosing a wedding menu!

Consider Using Destination Wedding Planner

Using wedding travel agents can decrease your levels of stress a lot when planning your wedding. This is especially true when you are planning a destination wedding. Here are just a few benefits of using destination wedding planners.

More Inspiration 

Destination wedding planners have a lot of inspiration for your big day. This is likely not their first rodeo when it comes to wedding planning, which means they have a lot of different wedding ideas stored in their mind from the previous weddings they have planned.

From the types of food to have at the wedding to knowing what local cuisine is offered at many destination wedding venues, wedding travel agents know quite a bit. They may have ideas for where on the property to have the wedding as well as how to narrow down a guest list.

Package Pricing

Wedding travel agents can also likely get you a package discount with the wedding venue. The packages could have discounted room prices, meal prices, and so much more.

Working with them will give you more information on these types of packages.

Expert Help

If this is your wedding day, odds are you’ve never done this before. Even if you have, you are most likely not an expert on weddings and destination weddings.

A destination wedding planner is! So it can be extremely helpful to lean on them for help planning.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Mexico

If you are planning a destination wedding in Mexico, first of all, congrats!

We hope this guide helps you figure out how to choose the best cuisine for your wedding and even inspires you to choose local food for a more unique wedding!

If you need help planning your wedding and everything else such as wedding dessert ideas and more, a destination wedding planner can help.

At Bliss Honeymoons and Destination Weddings, we are here to help make your wedding planning process much easier! By following this wedding menu checklist and contacting us for help, you will love the process of planning a wedding!