Hurricane Free Honeymoons

Hurricane Free Honeymoons

Summer is the perfect time for a honeymoon or destination wedding. Well, except for the part where it’s hurricane season…

Hurricane season runs June through November. That’s half the year! So here are three great places that are less hurricane prone than others that are perfect for a honeymoon or destination wedding!

Hawaii: With several islands to choose from and almost perfect weather year round, Hawaii is a great choice. Hawaii offers the perfect mix of history, culture, and beautiful beaches.

There are a couple of different ways to enjoy Hawaii. Some couples opt for a land package, maybe spending their time split between a couple of islands, like Maui and Kauai. A Hawaiian cruise gives you a great way to see many of the islands with the added benefit of having all meals included, and only having to unpack once! Unlike Caribbean cruises, Hawaiian cruises typically spend a couple of days in each port, so you don’t feel rushed to see everything while you’re there. Because of the travel time involved to get to Hawaii, we usually recommend that you allow for 8 to 10 days in total for your trip.

Greek Islands: The Greek Islands are an amazing destination, unlike any place else on earth. The food, the people, the red sand beaches, all makes for an incredible honeymoon. The Greek Islands are easy to get to, and transportation between the islands makes it easy for you to enjoy more than one island while you’re there. One of the comments we here most from our Greek Island travelers, is that the experience not only met their expectations, but exceeded it! Much like Hawaii, you have the option of a land package, and experiencing a couple of islands while you’re there, or, a Greek Island cruise.

Aruba: Many people write off the Caribbean for hurricane season, not realizing that Aruba sits outside the hurricane belt! Aruba is a great little island that offers several resort options, great beaches, nightlife, and more. It’s rare to meet someone who has only been to Aruba once, as most people fall in love with Aruba and return again and again.

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