Italian Honeymoons For Foodies!

Italian Honeymoons For Foodies!

Italian Honeymoon for Foodies

Love great food, incredible scenery and romantic destinations? Hoping to combine the three in a honeymoon adventure your sweetheart will never forget? If so, Italy is the place spend your first post-wedding days together.

An Italian honeymoon is an outstanding choice for foodies for more reasons than anyone can count. Just a simple exploration of the cuisine is enough to show why this country is the place to go for those who love great food. And, depending on where in Italy you decide to visit, you can explore lots of different flavors along the way.

You’ll find that Italy’s different regions each have their own dishes and styles of cooking they’re famed for.  In Lombardy, for example, you can savor the taste of rice, beef, pork and maize dishes. Travel into the piedmont area and you’ll find cheese and nuts feature strongly in dishes. Tuscany brings its own flavors to the table with its cuisine that favors legumes, mushrooms, fresh fruits, cheese and bread.  Pasta, of course, is a staple in many regions, but count on it being served up with local styling no matter where you go.

How to Tour With Italian Food in Mind

Foodies will find there ways to tailor Italian honeymoons to their own personal tastes. Here are just a few options:

Go on a foodie tour – Cuisine is such a big part of Italian culture that there are tours dedicated to it alone. Check with our honeymoon travel consultants for information on tours that focus on the styles of cooking found in a particular region or several regions. You can count on some amazing meals along the way when one of these tours is booked!

Setting your own itinerary – If you have particular points of interest you want to explore while in Italy while also sampling the cuisine, it can help to work directly with our honeymoon travel advisors to map out your own adventure.

Educational tours – If you want to do more than just taste the food, you can take an educational tour that includes cooking lessons. Choose to do this for your Italian honeymoon and you’ll bring home more than incredible memories – you’ll also get to recreate the dishes you loved so much anytime you want! Check with your honeymoon travel advisor for cooking class options available in different regions of Italy.

Italian honeymoons are perfect for foodies with a penchant for romance and wonder. This country is famed not only for its amazing history and landscapes, but also the foods that set its different regions apart. Just speak with our honeymoon travel advisors to get the planning ball rolling!