Judith White - Bliss HoneymoonsYears in the business: 4



Associate Degree Hospitality Management

Couples Resort Specialist

Certified Sandals Specialist

Dominican Republic Specialist

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist

Luxury Travel Specialist

Le Blanc Spécialisât

Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Consultant

Celebrity Cruise Specialist


Places Judith White has traveled to:



Turks & Caicos, Paris,






Favorite honeymoon destination: Negril, Jamaica


Favorite wedding destination: Negril, Jamaica


Most interesting or unique trip Judith White has worked on:

I got a call at 9pm from a bride who wanted to go to Tahiti. I contacted several vendors and worked out the perfect itinerary with the price well within the couple’s budget. They sent me over their credit card authorization form to get the booking done but as I was reading over the contract I realized that the Travel Insurance stated that in the event of a cancellation, the couple would receive a credit voucher that would entitle them to travel to the three destination the vendor serve: Tahiti, Australia and New Zealand. I figured that this was a once in a lifetime trip for them and they needed Travel For Any Reason travel protection. I Priced Match the trip with Travel Impressions due to the fabulous Cancel for Any Reason Insurance. The couple went to Moorea and then off to Bora Bora and sent me several emails to say what a terrific time they were having. I am helping to plan a trip to Switzerland with them now and have received 4 referrals from them since.


Best Travel Tip:

Plan your trip based on your lifestyle and personal tastes and not on some glossy magazine photograph or the best price. You may get a discounted experience. Invest wisely. And, purchase travel insurance so you can protect your investment.


If I had $10,000 where would you go?

You would think all Caribbean islands are the same would you not? No. And, to make it more interesting, the feelings of competition about which island in the Caribbean has the best beaches or the best service etc., create a great rivalry among islanders. My best vacations have been back home to Jamaica dancing to the beat of Bob Marley and sipping on the cool glass of tropical fruit punch. So, when I visit other Caribbean island I am looking for the same or elevated experience.  I would go to Anguilla and stay in one of the beautiful cottages at Cap Juluaca. Reports tout the islands has having the most fabulous beaches in the Caribbean which I want to see myself since Negril beaches are so fabulous to me.  I am an island girl and it is my blood. So, what music do they play there in Anguilla anyway? And, do they have my favorite fruits and Jerk Chicken?


I think the experience of other countries and the cultural offerings are absolutely exciting and rewarding. Someone just asked me what is my favorite cuisine and I said “Thai”. She was surprised because she thought my response would be Jamaican since I am from the Caribbean. But, I am so fascinated by the diversity and similarities of countries that I am constantly looking to broaden my horizons and experience as much of this wonderful place we call Earth.

My passion for travel goes way back to when I was a young mom and planned all our family vacations. My dream was and still is to see as much of the world as possible.   Before I became a Travel Consultant, my son actually called to my attention that I would often times re-design a better vacation than what travel agents planned for me and encouraged me to develop my passion in a more formal way where I could bring that passion to others.

More specifically, I am very passionate about honeymoon travel because when my son was getting married, my daughter-in-law was gracious enough to include me in her wedding plans. I was able to lend her some advice on things I didn’t do well with my wedding. Their wedding was magical. However, we forgot one tiny detail though. The honeymoon! We hired a wedding planner but not a honeymoon planner. Too late we realized that even though we could look through the most amazing travel magazines and call upon friends and family members or even travel agents and use their outstanding talents, we really needed someone to whom they could articulate their dream honeymoon to and then leave the stress of planning behind and show up and have the most amazing honeymoon ever.  My hope is to help couples avoid the costly mistake my son made.