Katie & Jason’s Italy Honeymoon Review

Katie & Jason’s Italy Honeymoon Review

Name of resort or hotel where you stayed * Grand Royal hotel
On a scale of 1 to 10 , how would you rate your overall experience? * 10
What was your favorite thing about this trip? Was there a meal or a staff member that made the trip really memorable? *
The balcony off our room in Sorrento was amazing! The hotel there had the best location (you can walk to anything you need) and the view was beyond beautiful. The staff members were all very helpful and most spoke beautiful English. We had the perfect amount of “planned days” and “days off.” We loved relaxing (with a glass of wine) on the beach/dock area and swimming in the amazing ocean. The breakfast at the hotel was also GREAT!!!!

The walks of Italy tours were our favorite. All our guides were so knowledgeable! There meeting places were easy to find and the groups were small (which was a huge plus)! We also loved our boat ride to Capri (we loved that we were with a small group).

The transfers to and from the airports and train stations were also a godsend! We would have never been able to figure it out ourselves!

Were there any issues that came up during your trip that we should be aware of? Is there any feedback you would like us to pass along to the hotel or resort? *
We were a bit disappointed that the outdoor restaurant on the cliff overlooking the ocean was closed. We were told it was too cold and it was off season (it was in the 70’s…maybe high 60’s at night and there were plenty of people wanting to eat there). It’s such a beautiful spot we were determined to eat out there so we went to a little pizza place we found a few days earlier and brought it back to our hotel. While we were sitting at one of the tables of the closed restaurant we were told we could only eat hotel food out there. We ended up eating our pizza on our balcony with a beautiful view and then went to have a drink down by the closed restaurant area (they will bring you drinks).

We were also a little surprised that our hotel in Rome didn’t have a window to the outside. It was a really cool and modern hotel and we even had a glass staircase in our room. The window we had opened up out to a enclosed fire escape/ staircase. However, we were in our room in Rome so little that we didn’t really mind (plus it was nice and dark to sleep).

Which of our awesome agents did you work with? * Lindsay
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall service you received from your agent?
10! Lindsay was always quick to respond to our emails and call us back. She answered all of our questions (even the really stupid ones). We lived that she helped us work with our schedules and combine different parts of trips she planned to make our perfect honeymoon!
We love photos! Do you have any photos of your trip you’d like to share with us?
Was this your first experience working with a travel agency? If so, are you likely to engage our services again? * Yes and yes! We will definitely be using your services again for any vacation we go on (along with all our family members)!
Some couples have such a great time on their honeymoon that they decide to return on their anniversary. Would you like your agent to look into return trip promos for you? * ·         Maybe. If you find something good please let us know!
Are there any services that we don’t currently offer that you think would make our services better? * Not that I can think of! we had such an amazing honeymoon!