Masters of Arts in foreign language (Italian)

Jamaica Specialist Certification

Karisma Hotels Specialist

A.M. Resorts Specialist


Places Lindsay Barrie has traveled:

Europe: Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Budapest, Prague

Asia: Thailand

South Pacific: Hawaii

Mexico: Riviera Maya, Cancun

Caribbean: Antigua, Turks & Caicos


Favorite Honeymoon Destination:

Europe or Mexico


Most interesting or unique trip Lindsay Barrie has worked on:

I would have to say the most unique trip I’ve worked on was my own to Thailand.  Even with three weeks at our disposal it was hard to choose what to do!  It reminded me of what I love most about Italy, interestingly enough.  It is a wonderful mix of big cities, small towns and villages, beautiful beaches, mountains, great food, and an amazing cultural experience.  I could return for three more weeks and have a completely different vacation!


Best travel tip:

A positive, open-minded attitude is the best thing to pack for any vacation.  Work with your travel agent to plan out an amazing trip, but anyone well-versed in traveling will usually tell you that it’s sometimes the unexpected that you will be talking about for years to come.


If I had $10,000 dollars to travel anywhere in the world:

I would love to spend some time in South America.  I love alternating between big city wandering and relaxing on the beach, it helps me stay refreshed, relaxed, and ready to soak in a wonderful cultural experience.



Choose a vacation that will make you feel special, especially if it’s a special occasion!  Staying in a truly amazing place will turn a great vacation into an amazing one.