Melinda Shade

Location: Plain City, OH


Certifications: Jamaica Travel Specialist, Saint Lucia Expert, Antigua, and Barbuda Specialist, Bahamas Specialist, Costa Rica Specialist, Aruba Certified Expert, Hotel Xcaret Arte Expert and Atlantis Ambassador


Places I’ve Traveled to:

International Destinations: Australia, New Zealand, Spain, the Netherlands, England, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Greece. I was also born in Germany!


US Destinations: Almost half of the states including Arizona, Alabama, Delaware, Oregon, and Washington with some multiple times like Florida, California, North and South Carolina, and Ohio to enjoy the different cities they have to offer! I do have a lifetime goal to visit each state.


Favorite Honeymoon Destination: That would be a tie between Saint Lucia and Costa Rica. Both destinations offer you the opportunity to either have a very active trip, complete relaxation or a combination of both along with unique experiences that you will remember for a lifetime! I love Costa Rica’s lifestyle and mindset of “La Pura Vida”, which embraces going with the flow along with the ups and downs of life while enjoying time spent with family and friends while communing with nature!


Best Travel Tip: Be able to go with the flow when traveling and figure out how to make the best out of things that may unexpectedly pop up.  Too rainy to sit by the pool? Enjoy the many delicious food options or indoor entertainment provided by the resort. Excursion canceled? Find out where the locals go!


The most exciting or unique trip I’ve worked on: The most interesting trip that I have worked on so far was for a couple that was finally celebrating their honeymoon 17 years later and going out of the country for the first time!


If I had $10,000 to travel anywhere in the world: I would go back to Germany to revisit many places I had been as a baby and to learn more about my ancestry!


Bliss-ism: Take the time to immerse yourself into the culture of your destination through a topic that interests you whether that be food, sports, history, etc. The possibilities are endless and will enhance your trip from great to unforgettable!


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