Our Favorite Foodiemoon Travel Apps

Our Favorite Foodiemoon Travel Apps

Headed out on your Foodiemoon? Check out some of our favorite Foodie Traveler apps!


Chef’s Feed: This amazing app allows you to search by the type of craving you’re having, or by the city you’re visiting. You’ll find everything from the best sushi in Chicago to the best hangover food in New Orleans with this great app.



Eat With: Want to immerse yourself in local culture while enjoying an amazing meal? Eat With helps you connect with everyone from home cooks to famous chefs. If you’re traveling alone, eat with allows you to connect with other diners at Eat With Events. Eat With is currently available in over 150 cities worldwide. http://www.eatwith.com/


Gate Guru: Gate Guru gives you a beautiful user friendly way to find great places to eat at thousands of airports. http://www.gateguruapp.com
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