bridal show tips


If you were lucky enough to find something big and sparkly under the tree this year, it’s likely that you’ll be planning to attend a bridal show within the next few months. A bridal show can be an overwhelming experience. Here’s some of our top tips to help make your bridal show experience an enjoyable one.

Create a wedding email: many brides are completely unprepared for the barrage of emails and phone calls they will get following a bridal show. And sadly, some wedding vendors don’t know the difference between marketing and stalking. So to help maintain your sanity, create an email just for wedding related correspondense, such as lauraandbobswedding@. Then you can simply close this account once your wedding date has passed. Because there’s no way that you can possibly make it to each and every booth at a show, it’s important to note that each vendor at the show is given a list of every bride that registers for the show, whether you personally visit their booth or not. And if you don’t want any calls from vendors, don’t list your number at registration time. You can then select which vendors you want to be able to call you.
Bridal Show Tips
Print some address labels: Almost every booth at the show will have some kind of give-away that you can register for. Printing up a sheet of return address labels with your email address and wedding date will save you from a serious case of writer’s cramp.

Bring a camera: you’ll see amazing cakes and wedding dresses at a show. Taking a photo will help you remember what items you wanted to learn more about.

Bring a friend: Bring a trusted friend along to help you determine which vendors may be a good fit for you, and to help you carry all that bridal show loot!

Beware the free honeymoon: Following a bridal show you may find yourself being bombarded with phone calls from someone claiming that you’ve won a free honeymoon, and all you have to do is come in and watch a presentation to get the certificate-no strings attached. This will likely come from some sort of cookware or timeshare company. Run as fast as you can in the other direction.

Download our checklist:Each vendor will likely hand you a business card, brochure, or both! Trying to remember which vendors impressed you the most can be next to impossible. So download our handy bridal show checklist to help you remember which vendors you would like to follow up with after the show.

You’ll find Bliss Honeymoons at bridal shows in Ohio, Michigan, California, and New Jersey. Be sure to check our events calendar for a bridal show in your area.

Have fun at the show!