Outdoor Anniversary Adventures: 3 Breathtaking Destinations

outdoor anniversary adventure

Outdoor Anniversary Adventures: 3 Breathtaking Destinations

Picking the perfect spot for an outdoor anniversary adventure is more difficult than many people realize. It’s not due to a lack of places to consider. It’s because there are so many incredible destinations to choose from. Couples who love the outdoors may find they have an edge in selecting a great place to spend an anniversary getaway. After all, some destinations simply make jaws drop even in photos.


3 Outdoor Anniversary Adventures

When it comes to outdoor anniversary adventure destinations that are likely to make outdoor lovers’ hearts sing, at Bliss Honeymoons we have a few favorites. Here they are along with the reasons why we love them.


outdoor anniversary adventure

While a bit off the beaten path, this Nordic country packs beauty into every single inch. From its stunning water fronts and mountains to its incredible view of the Northern Lights, Iceland offers a different kind of experience for outdoor lovers. The country is also home to a tremendously rich culture and a diversity of historic sites. Plus, its best resorts capitalize on the views that make Iceland a natural choice for a romantic outdoor anniversary adventure.


New Zealand

outdoor anniversary adventure

This other country down under is so breathtaking Hollywood movie makers come here when they need readymade sets that resemble fantasy worlds. With its stunning beaches, beautiful metro areas and eye-popping, snow-capped mountains and valleys, this country does not disappoint those in search of the perfect outdoor anniversary adventure. Add to this the fact New Zealand is home to some incredible resorts and it simply has the ingredients necessary to create a perfect anniversary getaway.


Costa Ricaoutdoor anniversary adventure

This unique destination has everything for the best outdoor anniversary adventure. From its Caribbean and Pacific beaches to its lush rain forests and mountains, this country simply invites people to get out and explore. Visitors here can enjoy high adventure by day and high-end entertainment and dining in the bigger metro areas by night. The resorts here range from incredibly elegant to tremendously romantic. It’s even possible to find resorts that blend luxury with beautiful rain forest scenery. Plus, with its tremendous climate visitors here can almost always anticipate perfect beach weather when Costa Rica is their destination of choice.


When it comes to outdoor anniversary adventure destinations that are sure to make jaws drop at the outdoor beauty, it is hard to top New Zealand, Costa Rica and Iceland. While these three destinations feature distinctly different landscapes, cultures and climates, they promise an incredible time for those who wish to spend their days outside exploring. But no matter what kind of destination you are looking to visit for your anniversary, we can help you find the perfect one!


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