How to pack your dress for your destination wedding

How to pack your dress for your destination wedding

How to Pack Your Dress for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are dreams come true for couples in love, but they do present a challenge or two for the prospective bride and groom. For the bride, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in advance of saying “I do” in a special destination is how to make sure the dress makes it in pristine condition.

There are a few things a bride can do to make sure her dress is ready to go when she is. Depending on the type of travel involved, there are three basic options for getting a dress to the ceremony on time. They are:

  • Shipping – It is possible to ship a wedding gown to the location of choice using any of the standard carriers. Keep in mind, even with shipping insurance and overnight delivery, accidents can happen and on-time delivery may not occur. If this happens to be the best route to go for getting a dress to the wedding site, be sure to pack the dress in a box marked fragile and wrap it with care in layers of tissue paper to help prevent wrinkling. It is also a very good idea to insure the package and make arrangements with the hotel or resort to accept the package when it arrives.
  • Checked luggage – It’s possible to check a dress packed into a suitcase when airline travel is in order. This method, however, isn’t always recommended. If it’s the best or only option, be sure to carefully wrap the gown to protect it from transit mishaps. It’s not a bad idea to pack it inside a garment bag stowed inside a suitcase.
  • Carry-on baggage – Some airlines will allow brides to bring their dresses onboard in carry-on bags or hanging garment bags. Depending on the airline, it might be possible to get the staff to actually hang the dress during the flight.

Regardless of how the dress is shipped, take care when actually packing it. Ideally, a hang up garment bag will be feasible to use. If not, fold the dress using as few folds as possible. Line the folds with tissue paper to prevent deep wrinkles from forming.

Post-Packing Care

No matter how a dress is shipped to a destination wedding location chances are it will end up with a wrinkle or two. To iron this problem out – without having to actually iron – hang the dress in the bathroom and run the shower to create steam. Be sure to keep the garment away from the water though. A travel steamer can also help, but take care to make certain it’s clean and do test the fabric before attempting to iron out all wrinkles.

Getting ready for a destination wedding requires some planning. For help from beginning to end, be sure to consult our wedding & honeymoon travel advisors early in the planning process.