Perfectly Private Island Weddings – 6 Reasons One Fits Your Budget and Wish List

Perfectly Private Island Weddings – 6 Reasons One Fits Your Budget and Wish List

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Enjoying a private island wedding isn’t out of reach for average folks. Couples looking for the perfect venue for a destination wedding may find renting a private island for a few days or even a full week or two costs less than other options while delivering a whole lot more in return.  Let your own private island wedding retreat take you far away from the rest of the world and wrap you in splendor and luxury.

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The price of private island rentals will of course, vary based on the destination and the accommodations, but some incredible resort-style options are found around the globe for a few thousand a week. From properties in the Caribbean to those in northeast, incredible destination wedding settings are just waiting for those adventurous enough to explore them.

Perfectly private island weddings

Here are just a few reasons why a private island rental may fit into destination wedding plans – and the budget:

1.  Privacy

Resort destination weddings are wonderful, but sometimes a more intimate affair is desired. It doesn’t get much more private than an isolated island where you, your guests and staff members are the only ones around.

2.  Romance

It’s hard to top a private island in the romance department. Whether the destination is in a tropical paradise or on northern waters, the views are going to be amazing.

3.  Control

Resorts tend to take care of almost every detail of destination wedding planning for their guests. When a private island is the destination, brides and grooms can gain a bit more control over everything from the ceremony location to the decorations on the tables (should they so desire).

4.  Potential savings

Should the plan be to pay for guests during their stay, a private island rental may add up to savings over other, less unique options. With a flat rental fee in place by the night or week, this option can make budgeting a bit simpler.

5.  Adventure

It’s hard to top a private island when it comes to enjoying an adventurous experience. While the on-site activities may vary based on the rental selection, exploration of a place few people get to see is a given.

6.  Memories

Let’s face it; dozens of people have photos of weddings in churches, halls, event centers and gardens. Few, however, can say they were married on a private island paradise with only friends and family around. The memories made are sure to last a lifetime.

Renting a private island can be a little tricky, but the pros at Bliss Honeymoons can handle all the details. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!


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