destination wedding tips


Many couples get caught up in the fantasy of a beach wedding surrounded by family and friends. But all too often I see this fantasy turn to a nightmare because a couple isn’t properly prepared to handle planning such a complex event.
Planning a destination wedding
A destination wedding can be even more challenging than planning a traditional wedding, as you’ve added travel planning to the already very long list of things that must be managed. So how do you manage such a big event?

First, keep in mind that a destination wedding guest is deserving of the same courtesies extended to traditional wedding guests. I am constantly appalled by brides who think it’s acceptable to instruct their guests to just jump online and book their own travel. If you’re going to ask them to travel halfway across the world to attend your wedding, then hire a qualified destination wedding travel consultant to take care of your guests. I’ve seen wedding guests who were left to fend for themselves not only wind up at the wrong hotel, but in the wrong country because the bride didn’t want to hire someone to handle the travel for her quests. If you think your guests couldn’t possibly mix up San Jose, Puerto Rico with the San Jose Del Cabo airport, think again!

Having a destination wedding agent will also keep you completely out of the financial aspect of this event. There’s nothing good that can come from a bride or groom trying to collect payments for their guest’s travel to their wedding.

Next, plan something fun for your guests to do together. Ask your coordinator to put together a private beach bbq or pool party just for your guests. This will create quality time together, and allow you an opportunity to let your guests know how much you appreciate their efforts!

Lastly, schedule some time for your guests to have some private time. Chances are they haven’t had a vacation in some time, and this will allow them to not only enjoy your wedding, but away their time away from home as well.

A destination wedding can be a great way for your guests to have a fantastic get-away, and a wonderful time at your wedding. With a little planning, and a little help, your destination wedding can be the romantic, relaxing escape you envisioned.