Planning A Vow Renewal In Fiji

Planning A Vow Renewal In Fiji

If your heart is set on renewing your vows in front of friends and family in a tropical paradise, Fiji just might be the place to go. Making sure you have everything in order to make the big day one you’ll never forget, however, is going to take some time and planning.

Don’t worry though; here are some tips that can help you plan a magical renewal (and second honeymoon) in this South Pacific destination:

  1. Set your guest list early – This is one of the critical first steps in planning any destination renewal. For Fiji, it’s very likely your guests will need to get passports or make sure they’re in order. With this in mind, you’ll want to set the list as early as possible to give everyone the time necessary to get their documents in order.
  2. Consider the budget – Flying to Fiji for a destination renewal ceremony can be a costly undertaking. Consider early if you intend to pay for everything, or if guests will be asked to pick up the tab for their flights and hotel accommodations. Either way, if you work with a travel advisor, chances are you can get some great deals on all-inclusive packages.
  3. Pick your hotel with care – Fiji is famed for having some of the world’s most incredible resorts. From stunning 5-star destinations that have everything imaginable right on site to more private locales with overwater bungalows, you can find them all. Just work directly with your vow renewal travel planner to find a resort that can accommodate your wishes, provide a place (or assistance with) the ceremony and so on. There are resorts that have everything you need to ensure you and your guests have an incredible time.
  4. Consider your second honeymoon carefully – Fiji is such an amazing destination, you might decide you want to enjoy your second honeymoon right on the site of your vow renewal ceremony. Keep in mind, however, that this could mean spending it with the friends and family you’ve invited along. Weigh the options and decide what fits best for your personal tastes.
  5. Get everything finalized as early as possible – The more advanced planning you give yourself and your guests, the more likely it is you will be able to create an affair you’ll remember for a lifetime.

To make sure your vow renewal in Fiji goes off without a hitch, enlist the help of our travel planning experts as early in the game as possible. Even if you’re planning a year ahead, expert advice can help you be certain you and your guests will have the time of your lives.