Real Couple’s Review – Unico Riviera Maya

Unico Riviera Maya review resort photos

Real Couple’s Review – Unico Riviera Maya

Looking for a tell-me-like-it-is real couple’s review of Unico Riviera Maya? Take a look at this Unico Riviera Maya review posted by an actual couple and learn how they became blissfully happy travelers! Connect with the pros at Bliss Honeymoons today to see which resort is just right for you.

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Unico Riviera Maya Review

Name of resort or hotel where you stayed 


Unico Riviera Maya
On a scale of 1 to 10 , how would you rate your overall experience? 


What was your favorite thing about this trip? Was there a meal or a staff member that made the trip really memorable? 


All of the food was outstanding especially the shrimp cocktail. The bartender at the relaxation pool was fantastic! He took very good care of us! He even ordered us food a few days that he thought we would like and he was spot on! We love Unico!!!
Were there any issues that came up during your trip that we should be aware of? Is there any feedback you would like us to pass along to the hotel or resort? 


Zero issues! Everything was incredible. There was nothing we would change and we tried to think of things that were not outstanding and we can not come up with anything!
Which of our awesome agents did you work with? 


On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the overall service you received from your agent?


10! Thank you for the recommendation!
What was your goal in hiring a travel consultant with your trip? Did we help you reach that goal? 


Our goal was to not think about planning at all and have a fantastic trip… our goal was reached and exceeded!
Was this your first experience working with a travel agency? If so, are you likely to engage our services again? 


This was our second experience with Laura and we will be using her again!
How Likely Are You To Recommend Bliss Honeymoons To A Friend? 


Some couples have such a great time on their honeymoon that they decide to return on their anniversary. Would you like your agent to look into return trip promos for you? 


Yes please!
May we share your review & photos on our site or social media with your contact info removed? 




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