Recent News About Travel To Mexico

Recent News About Travel To Mexico

We are aware of the recent news from Mexico and understand you may have concerns about an upcoming trip.  


In our 12 years of sending travelers across the world, our clients have not had any issues with Mexico. Our agency books literally hundreds of trips to Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Cabo San Lucas every year. We receive several travel publications and read about travel related accidents all over the world. It makes us sad that Mexico seems to be a target of several major news stories; but we can honestly say that the smaller Caribbean islands, European hotels, and even American resorts are sometimes targets of crime. While these incidents are alarming, there is no way to know if the issue is truly that the liquor was tainted in some way, or if the travelers over indulged.

As avid travelers, we do not allow this to stop us from following our passion. In fact, our agents will be traveling to Mexico this year with our families in August, November, and December.  While in Mexico (or any foreign location), our agents are vigilant to only stay at better properties. We always stay together and are mindful of our belongings…and, of course, we always purchase travel insurance.  

The resorts we recommend for our clients are the same resorts we stay ourselves. The resorts we offer typically understand the American traveler expectations…the staff is well trained and attentive, all management speak English fluently, and the lobby, beach area, and rooms are always protected.

More Americans visit Mexico than any other destination in the world. We hope these isolated incidents we see on the news do not create hesitation with any of our clients to experience this amazing country. Our job is to prepare our clients with the knowledge and tools to feel safe wherever their journey takes them. We look forward to sending your travel documents which will be filled with more useful travel tips and information about your location. Until then, please do not hesitate to call us with any further questions or concerns you might have.

“To Travel is To Live.” -Hans Christian Anderson