Renew Your Vows Aruba Style

Why would you want to select Aruba for your vow renewal or a second honeymoon? Aside from the amazing Carribean breeze, there are many reasons to choose Aruba aka "one happy island". Read our top reasons to select Aruba for your destination wedding or vow renewal.

Renew Your Vows Aruba Style

Picture yourself standing in front of a historic European-style building while a warm Caribbean breeze blows. Imagine you and your spouse saying your I Do’s all over again as cameras click in the background. Now envision your vow renewal guests having plenty of things to see and so after the ceremony is over to keep them well occupied and happy so you and your sweetie can enjoy some time alone together.

Does all of that sound good? Then it might be time to consider Aruba as the place to renew your vows (or enjoy a second honeymoon after festivities back at home).

Why would you want to select Aruba for your vow renewal or a second honeymoon? Here are just a few of the reasons why this Caribbean destination should rank high on your list of places to check out:

  1. The picturesque backdrops – Whether you love the idea of renewing your vows on a white sand Caribbean beach or you’re sold on the idea of having a quaint town square as your backdrop, you can make it happen in Aruba. This island destination plays host to many ceremonies throughout the year and your vow renewal travel expert should be able to help you pick the perfect location. Plus, many of the boutique hotels and resorts have staff that can work directly with you and your travel advisor to plan out the perfect ceremony.
  2. The things to do – Aruba is a Caribbean destination with some rather distinct flairs of its own. Beyond the white beaches, you’ll find some incredible parks, museums, shops, restaurants and attractions to explore. It doesn’t matter whether you and your honey just want to kick back at a resort on the beach, go scuba diving, explore natural wonders or tour museums – Aruba will keep you busy. Plus, the island is home to plenty of attractions just right for vow renewal guests of all ages. Should you choose to invite family and friends along, you can count on them being entertained.
  3. The weather – You shouldn’t have to worry much about Mother Nature raining on your parade here. Aruba is considered one of the Caribbean’s most “arid” spots and has the distinction of being outside the hurricane belt. While bad weather does occur, most days here are balmy no matter the time of year.

Reading to find out more about Aruba for your second honeymoon or vow renewal ceremony? Just check with our vow renewal experts for details on where to stay, what to do and how to map out the perfect ceremony.