At Bliss Honeymoons we understand that you may have decided to book your honeymoon on your own. Perhaps you found something that looked like a great deal online and decided to grab it! Maybe you are the kind of person that, like us, enjoys doing all the research and learning about the various destinations.


But, as the saying goes-you don’t know what you don’t know. If our years of experience have taught us anything, it’s that the tiniest overlooked detail can completely ruin what you hoped would be a very relaxing trip.  Before you hit the” book it” button, you’d probably love to know that you’re not making a mistake that could cost you hundreds of dollars, or cause hours of frustration.


So, what if you could have a travel professional with over 10 years of experience review your itinerary before you book it??


Our DIY Honeymoon Review service is exactly what you need to put your mind at ease!


Our comprehensive DIY Review service covers all of the points we review when creating itineraries for our own clients.


  • Connection times: Do you have enough time to make your connections and clear customs?
  • Transfers: How are you getting from the airport to the hotel and back? Are there any stops along the way?
  • The Hotel: Are there any restrictions or construction projects you need to be aware of?
  • Room type: Is your room really overlooking the ocean or the parking lot?
  • Amenities & Upgrades: Many hotels require a certain room category to qualify for the honeymoon amenity or other benefits. Are you in the right room to get the most bang for your buck?
  • Promos: Is there a promotional offer available for your hotel that you may have missed?
  • Excursions: What excursions are offered in your destination of choice? Do they include the transportation, or is it extra?
  • Insurance: Do you have the right trip insurance? What kind of coverage does it include?


Once our experts have reviewed your booking, we’ll send you a comprehensive report with our suggestions to make your trip more enjoyable, as well as any red flags we may have noticed about your itinerary.


This service is just $300.00, and could save you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration!


So click here to submit your review request today!

The Fine Print: Bliss Honeymoons will review two travel itineraries that you have created with a DIY site, or obtained from another travel agency.  In order to qualify for this service, you must send us a complete itinerary that includes all flight times, hotel category, etc. Please see service agreement for more details.


Need some tips? Here’s The 6 Most Common Pitfalls of the DIY Honeymoon.