Grooms Guide

“Wait, I have to plan the honeymoon?”


When you made the decision to get married you may have had no idea there was so much work involved. You’ve had to interview bands and photographers, look for a reception hall, worry about seating arrangements and impressing your new in-laws. And now you’ve discovered that it’s the groom’s job to plan the honeymoon! What should you do?


First, try not to look too excited that you have something to do that will inevitably prevent you from looking at flowers or picking out chair covers. Then give us a call so that we can get started planning a honeymoon that will have your bride bragging to all her family and friends about what a genius you are after reading our Grooms Guide.


While some couples will plan the honeymoon together, it’s still very traditional for the groom to be in charge of the honeymoon plans.  In fact some grooms still like to keep the honeymoon location a secret until they arrive at the airport with their new bride. And not that you need any help at all of course, but if you were looking for someone to maybe make some suggestions, here’s what we would recommend.


Start planning early.

The best resorts can fill up a year in advance. We generally recommend that you book about nine months before the wedding.


Think about your shared interests.

Do you like to golf or snorkel together? Do you share a hobby, like wine or photography? Why not add some of these elements to your honeymoon to make it even more interesting?


Food is an often overlooked element of the honeymoon.

There is nothing worse than being in a resort that offers nothing that you enjoy eating. We will make sure your resort has plenty of dining options, and can even request menus in advance so that you can be sure that great place on the beach is really what you’re looking for.


Throw in something unexpected.

Include something unique and unexpected like a cooking class or a couple’s massage. It’s the little details that will get you brownie points for years to come.


Let us make you look great.

Our experts can save you valuable time and money! So give us a call, breathe a sigh of relief, and schedule your free consultation today.