Wondering what not to do when planning a romantic get-away? Over the years we’ve developed quite a list of honeymoon booking blunders you’ll want to avoid when thinking about your honeymoon or destination wedding. Read on for our top 10!


10.  Booking your parent’s or best friend’s honeymoon

The destination where your parents spent their honeymoon 20 years ago was undoubtedly beautiful, but has most likely undergone significant changes over the years. Your honeymoon destination should be chosen because it’s right for the two of you, not someone else. All too often we hear from couples that went to a resort that a friend or family member raved about, only to discover that it wasn’t at all what they anticipated. Once you arrive at your destination, it’s a financial nightmare to change resorts. So make sure it fits with your tastes before you book it.


9.  Letting a cookware company plan your honeymoon

If you’ve been to a bridal show recently you’ve undoubtedly been inundated with phone calls telling you about a fantastic free honeymoon you’ve won. More often than not, these “free” honeymoons require you to sit through a high pressure cookware presentation, time share sales pitch, or some other colossal waste of your time. Many of these “travel” companies change names frequently due to poor BBB ratings or other legal issues. Take some time to read about some of the experiences suffered by other couples when dealing with these companies on Scam.com or bridal boards before you accept this “free” offer. Remember what your mama said; “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” Just as you wouldn’t get your teeth cleaned by the guy that changes your oil, don’t let a cookware company plan your honeymoon. Please let the organizers of the bridal show you attended know if you’ve fallen victim to these scams.


8.  Making your choice based on price alone

It’s smart to plan your honeymoon budget, but you cannot plan your honeymoon based on price alone. There are so many other factors to consider, such as the weather, type of resort, whether or not the meals and drinks are included, and more. Remember, just because it’s the right price, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.


7.  Just looking at the pretty pictures

A couple of years ago a couple called me in panic asking for our assistance with their honeymoon. They had booked the resort online because they found an awesome deal. While the resort was new, and the pictures looked great, this resort was a clothing optional resort which caters to the younger, rather risqué crowd. And the online company that gave them this “great deal” wouldn’t allow them to cancel without a huge penalty. You may not know that a resort is clothing optional or offers daily Sesame Street shows from their description. We could have helped this couple avoid this nightmare had they called us first, but sadly there was nothing we could do to help.


6.  Not planning far enough in advance

Some of the best resorts are booked completely full an entire year in advance. If you have your heart set on a particular destination or resort, don’t wait for a fantastic last minute deal, as it may never happen. We usually recommend that you book six to nine months in advance. If a great deal comes out for your resort after you are booked, we’ll fight to get your price adjusted.


5.  Your wedding is only 1 day

Your honeymoon will most likely last 7 days or more. But all too often we see couples that don’t give the same consideration to their honeymoon as they do the wedding day. Many couples have said “our wedding day was such a blur. It went so fast!” But your honeymoon memories will last a lifetime. Shouldn’t they be good ones?


4.  Settling for a honeymoon that isn’t really you

What kind of car do you drive? Where do you shop? Where do you like to dine? Does the resort that you are considering really fit with the quality standards that you are accustomed to? Will you be comfortable there?


3.  Not getting the travel insurance

No one ever plans on having to come up with $15,000 because their appendix burst in Mexico, but I know a guy that went through it. If you are in another country more often than not your health insurance will not cover you. And the medical provider will insist on payment in full before you are discharged. This can be financially devastating for you and your family. The insurance is a fraction of the cost of the trip. Get the insurance.


2.  Not understanding the flight times

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a crowded dirty airport with nothing to do for 6 hours, or having to change planes twice before you reach your destination. While the shortest flight times may be a few dollars more, it’s usually worth it. And remember, you’re going to be completely wiped out the morning after your wedding. We usually recommend that you have a day off to get rested and organized between your wedding and honeymoon departure.


1.  Letting a family member take over your honeymoon plans

I once worked with the mother-in-law from you-know-where that dictated the entire honeymoon planning process based on what she liked. The couple couldn’t have been happy with it. Your honeymoon should be about the two of you. Don’t let a family member, no matter how well intentioned, coerce you into a honeymoon that you don’t really want.


And also…Obsessing over online reviews

All too often I see a couple who had been really excited about their honeymoon go into a full blown panic over something they’ve read on an online review site. You never know where those reviews came from, what motivated that writer to post it, or how their behavior could have influenced the outcome of their trip.


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