Sail the Greek Isles for Your Honeymoon Adventure

Sail the Greek Isles for Your Honeymoon Adventure

When it comes to romance, wonder, historic significance and stunning beauty, it’s hard to compete with the Greek islands as a honeymoon destination. Greece combines all the perfect ingredients – a romantic setting, lots to do and plenty to see – and promises honeymooners an adventure of a lifetime. While simply flying into one of the islands is a great way to take in the sights, nothing quite compares to touring this historic part of the world by boat.

Since it’s a honeymoon you’re planning, an ordinary cruise ship vacation just might not do here. Instead, why not take a more intimate, hands-on yacht tours that provides you an opportunity to soak in the stunning seascapes while affording you plenty of land time to explore?

Bliss Honeymoons offers trips to the Greek Isles that are simply perfect for couples in love. These small group tours include multiple destinations, tours of major ports of call and points of interest and a whole lot more. Plus, since the yachts are large and the guest rosters are kept small, you can anticipate enjoying plenty of alone time.

So why consider the Greek isles for your honeymoon? Here are just a few reasons:

  • The legendary waters – The seas surrounding the Greek isles are famed for their rugged beauty and crystal-clear quality. Enjoying the beauty from land just isn’t the same as being able to truly sail it.
  • The historic sites – Greece is one of the most ancient seats of civilization. Inasmuch, it boasts more historic sites than can easily be listed. From the famed streets of Athens to the legendary ruggedness of Crete, the towns, cities and villages of this country are well worth seeing in person.
  • The weather – With its comfortable Mediterranean climate, Greece is the perfect destination just about any time of the year. You can expect reasonably warm winters and comfortable summers thanks to the seas.
  • The things to do – From exploring ancient sites to snorkeling in the Aegean, you can do some amazing things while on vacation in the Greek isles. Plus, a multi-stop sailing tour enables you to truly soak up the culture of the islands and its many ports of call.

If exploring the Greek isles is on your honeymoon to do list, it just doesn’t make sense to only go by land. To truly enjoy the flavor this ancient country has to offer, a sailing excursion provides you the best opportunity. Check with our honeymoon specialists for more details.