Destination Wedding Planning Trip

Plan the destination wedding of your dreams without all the “what ifs”


One of the most challenging things about planning a destination wedding is that you’ve most likely never been to the resort that you’re considering for your event. So you’re probably wondering…


  • How do you plan a destination wedding that is easy and affordable for your guests? 
  • How do we reach the wedding coordinator? We’ve called and sent emails, but haven’t gotten any response. 
  • What’s really included in the wedding packages? Are there hidden costs?  
  • How do we know this resort can accommodate all of our guests? 
  • It looks great online, but will the food and service meet our expectations? 


At Bliss Honeymoons we know that planning a destination wedding is a LOT of work! With 18 years of experience successfully planning hundreds of destination weddings, we can offer you both the tools and guidance needed to make it a seamless experience for both you and your guests! 


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You could spend months worrying whether or not you’ve chosen the right destination.

Or, you could book one of our destination wedding planning trips and know you’ve made the right choice


Here’s how it works: 


  • We’ll book a 4-night stay in your destination of choice, at the hotel that is at the top of your wishlist. 
  • We’ll schedule site visits and meetings with wedding coordinators at 4 to 6 alternate hotels. 
  • We’ll arm you with a list of the right questions to ask during your visit to ensure that you’re selecting the perfect resort for you and your guests. 


Save time: 

You could spend countless hours doing research or trying to reach the hotels on your own and still have no idea if you’re getting what you really want. 


Eliminate uncertainty

You’ll rest easy knowing that the resort you’ve chosen checks all the boxes on your wishlist. 


Ask the right questions

Stop lying awake at night wondering about hidden costs or disappointing your family & friends by choosing the wrong hotel. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you book. 


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