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“Laura at Bliss Honeymoons was exactly what we needed & more ! We couldn’t have made our wedding in Mexico happen without her. She was very responsive, helpful & friendly throughout the entire process. I consider her a friend ! We had never been outside of the country before and Laura helped us with every step. We highly recommend Bliss Honeymoons & have already sent referrals !! Thank you so much ! ❤❤”


If you’ve ever planned a trip for yourself, you probably spent countless hours doing research, comparing prices from multiple websites, and in the end still had that nagging feeling that you may have missed something.


Now, imagine doing that for 40 to 50 people…


Planning a destination wedding is no small undertaking. In addition to worrying about all the details of the ceremony, the legal requirements of the destination you’re considering, the menu for the reception, the photographer, the officiant and your dress,  you’ve got to find a resort that will accommodate all of your guests.


Here’s the thing… you’re a bride.  Yes you can book travel online. But still, you’re not a travel agent- you’re a bride. And the responsibilities of the bride-the ceremony, the menu, the d.j, the invitations-those things can take months, (and endless hours on Pinterest), to figure out.


So, what if you could have someone else tackle the travel for you and your guests? Someone who understood the flight schedules, (and would know what to do if someone’s flight was cancelled), someone who could explain all 26 room categories at the beachfront resort you’re considering, someone who could negotiate the group contracts, answer all of your guests’ questions, make sure they had trip insurance, and a way to get to the hotel from the airport? Wouldn’t it just make sense to let someone with 10 years of destination wedding planning experience do it so that you could focus on being a bride?


While we can’t stop your guests from showing those embarrassing family photos at your wedding, we can save you countless hours of research and a lot of undue frustration by managing your event.

Here’s what we do:


  1. We create a destination wedding timeline: You’ll know exactly how the planning process will work from start to finish.
  2. We negotiate the group contracts: You could spend days requesting information and never get a response from half the hotels you contact. We not only negotiate a great group rate, but if there are freebies, like room upgrades or private cocktail parties, we’ll grab those as well!
  3. We manage your guest list: We take your guests through the booking process from start to finish. You’ll be able to see the status of your entire guest list anytime, online. And your guests will feel completely at ease with the booking process.
  4. We manage your guests’ wishes: One guest demands a room location with tons of privacy, while another guest wants a great view of the sunset. We effectively communicate all of these wishes to the department at the resort that can make it happen.
  5. We manage payments: Friends, family and money just don’t mix. We manage all deposits and final payments, and ensure your guests get the best value for their dollars.
  6. We manage flight schedule changes: 5 of your wedding guest couples are departing from Detroit, and Delta just decided to discontinue the non-stop flights they booked 2 months ago. Would you know what to do? Managing flight schedule changes probably isn’t something you have time to tackle, but it’s something we do every day.


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Please note: We offer destination weddings in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tahiti, and Europe. We offer US destination weddings in Hawaii.

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