Honeymoon Planning Services

Did you know couples that plan their own honeymoons spend an average of 30 hours doing research and comparing prices?


You may be wondering why you would want to use our honeymoon planning services rather than just booking it online yourself. After all, there is an endless amount of travel packages and honeymoon reviews available online.


You can try on your dress, taste the cake, and listen to your wedding band before you buy. But you can test drive your honeymoon before you book it. By working with our award-winning honeymoon trip planners, you’ll be able to really envision your honeymoon before you arrive at your destination.


Here are 6 great reasons to use our frustration free honeymoon planning services!

  • All the resorts look fantastic online– at Bliss Honeymoons we’ve been to the resorts and destinations we recommend to our clients. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s really going to be what you expected.
  • We have a strict “no walk” policy. People that book online are frequently bumped to other hotels because they hotel they booked was really sold out. With us, the hotel you book is the hotel that you’re going to stay at.
  • We work for you, but we get paid by the hotels. Online travel sites get paid the same way we do. So when you book online, you’re paying for a service that you’re not getting. Is it cheaper if you’re doing all the work, and someone else is getting paid for it?
  • We create packages that fit both your wish list and your budget. Just because a package is the right price, doesn’t mean that it’s a place that you’ll actually enjoy. At Bliss Honeymoons, our honeymoon trip planners look at all the pieces to make sure that your honeymoon is both affordable and will offer the experience you’re looking for.
  • We offer the best insurance in the industry. Whether it’s a hurricane or a bad hair day, with our cancel for any reason protection you can get a full refund, even on non-refundable published air. So you don’t have to worry about the “what ifs”.
  • Our free honeymoon registry allows you a very tasteful way to say, “We don’t really need another toaster, but could really use some cash for our honeymoon!” Click here to learn more.


Why spend hours trying to research and plan your own honeymoon, when you have an experienced travel professional take care of all the details for you?


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