Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Anniversary In Aruba

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Anniversary In Aruba

Does a peaceful Caribbean vacation sound like the perfect plan for your anniversary? Want to go somewhere that’s a little different? Then it might be time to explore the allures Aruba has to offer. While this destination definitely offers everything that makes the Caribbean worth visiting, it has some of its own unique twists that increase its appeal even more.

So what can you expect out of an anniversary trip to Aruba? Here are just a few reasons why couples choose to vacation here instead of other Caribbean hotspots:

  1. The beaches – Yes, this is a typical Caribbean attraction, but Aruba offers more than just resort lined expanses of white sand beaches. Here you’ll also find secluded beaches that are just right for romantic getaways.
  2. The weather – Visiting the Caribbean can be a crapshoot when it comes to weather. While this particular region does boast pretty nice weather, things can become a little touch and go during Hurricane Season. Aruba has the distinction of being outside the famed Hurricane Belt. Although this doesn’t mean the weather’s perfect every day of the year, visitors here can anticipate a climate that’s mostly warm and even a little on the arid side.
  3. The natural splendors – Aruba has a landscape that’s truly unique. The sights here include the Arikok National Park, Indian caves and unusual rock formations that are well worth checking out. Some of the most unusual formations are the Ayo and Casibari. In addition to the landscape, Aruba is home to many other natural wonders. Here you’ll find the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. You can also check out a butterfly farm, a donkey sanctuary and an ostrich farm during a stay here.
  4. The culture – Aruba is considered a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means those who choose to vacation here can anticipate all the Caribbean favorites such as Carnival spiced up with a heavy European styling. From the festivals to the food, Aruba has its own distinct culture to share. Those who wish to explore it can also check out a host of museums including the island’s Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Antiquities.

While Aruba is different on many scores, visitors here will also find some first class resorts and boutique hotels standing by to make anniversary travel even more special. To find out more about this Caribbean destination, just consult our anniversary travel experts for details about what to do and where to stay.