So you’re stuck in a hurricane. Now what?

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So you’re stuck in a hurricane. Now what?

By now you’ve likely heard that another hurricane is making his way across the Caribbean. For those of you who were either scheduled to leave for your honeymoon this week or scheduled to come home today, things can be a bit confusing. Here’s what you need to know:

When a hurricane hits, we’re all at the mercy of the airlines:  The most commonly asked question we hear is “There’s a flight that just left an hour ago, but my flight is canceled. What’s up with that?” Whether it’s a storm or a blizzard, the airlines really do try to get you to your destination. They may greatly scale back the number of departures and arrivals but still allow a few to try to get through. So, while it’s infuriating to see flights leave if you’re stuck sleeping in a plastic chair in an airport, know that the airline wants to get your destination just as much as you do. Please remember, yelling at a gate agent at the airport, or demanding an upgrade because of your delay won’t help your cause.

Bliss tip!  The President’s clubs or airline lounges at most airports offer comfortable seating and extra amenities for about $50.00. If you’re stuck for more than a few hours, a day pass to one of these lounges is a worthwhile investment.

We’re already on an island. How do we get home? If you’re currently in the Caribbean getting home could be tricky.  Since most people can’t afford to pay for another week at the hotel or take time off from work, this can be exasperating. In a hurricane, the hotel’s main goal is to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. Most hotels will work with you so you can extend your stay. Please note that it’s a common practice for hotels to cut off the booze during a hurricane. This is done to help prevent guests from making unsafe decisions during a hurricane.

 Bliss Tip! Most hotels and resorts offer a hurricane rate to stranded travelers.   Just ask the front desk for assistance.

We’ve got travel insurance. Will it cover this?   If you have cancel-for-any-reason trip insurance and can’t take your trip as a result of the storm, this should protect your investment. If you’re already in the destination and can’t get home, the insurance should offer some trip delay coverage to help offset some of your out-of-pocket expenses.

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