Sober Vacationing: The Best All-Inclusive Resorts for People Who Don’t Drink

Sober Vacationing: The Best All-Inclusive Resorts for People Who Don’t Drink

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Vacations are all about taking a break from your daily life and having some time to relax and unwind. But if you don’t drink alcohol, finding the right all-inclusive resorts for sober people can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of best all-inclusive resorts for sober people that provide amazing experiences without the presence of alcohol. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top all-inclusive resorts for people who don’t drink and how to make the most of your vacation.

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Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico

For those looking for an all-inclusive getaway that caters to people who don’t drink, Viceroy Riviera Maya in Mexico is the perfect spot. Located on a secluded beach in the heart of the Riviera Maya, this luxury resort offers an array of luxurious accommodations and amenities. Guests can enjoy a variety of activities from spa treatments to swimming, snorkeling, yoga and fitness classes.

The resort also has a wide range of culinary experiences. The delicious dishes are prepared by award-winning chefs and feature traditional Mexican ingredients with an international twist. You can sample local street tacos, authentic Oaxacan specialties or contemporary vegan dishes.

In addition to its beautiful location, the resort also boasts an impressive selection of non-alcoholic drinks. You can sip on refreshing coconut water or flavorful aguas frescas made with tropical fruits like mango, guava, and pineapple. There are also healthful smoothies and juices made with locally sourced ingredients. Sophisticated mocktails like the Zero Proof Chelada and the Pink Palmer will make you wonder why anyone bothers with booze at all. 

At Viceroy Riviera Maya, you can enjoy an unforgettable all-inclusive getaway without feeling the need to indulge in alcohol. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, you can be sure that your vacation will be filled with fun and memorable experiences.

Unico Riviera Maya 

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed with the Jade welcome mocktail which includes cucumber mint, ginger, lime, and water. It’s a refreshing way to start your vacation at the resort! 

During your stay, you can request any of the signature cocktails to be made without any alcohol! The most loved drinks include Diego, Frida, and 20˚87˚. UNICO uses only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, guests will have the best mocktails. These drinks are the perfect combination of fruity, flavorful, and delicious! Hotel bartenders will be more than happy to craft non-alcoholic drinks for you.

One of the most loved experiences at the hotel is their Mixology classes. UNICO has mixology classes with Luis, their fabulous resident mixologist! Original classes feature cocktail recipes however guests can book a private mixology class for mocktails. This class is highly recommended and loved by many guests!


Hotel Xcaret Arte 

The resort has so many options for food and dining with cuisines that span Mexican, Asian, International, and much more! There is really something for everyone here! 

There are ten different bars/dining options that accommodate a wide variety of drink preferences. The lobby offers a coffee bar with refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. The resort highlights a wellness bar that includes various herbal teas and refreshing fruit infusion juices. Nothing sounds better than relaxing in the spa with one of the rejuvenating options! We also love the swim-up bar that will pamper you with a personalized drink of your choice.

Hotel bartenders will make ALL of their cocktails into a non-alcoholic version while going the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. Take a look below at the stunning places where you can guarantee a refreshing mocktail of your choice!

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El Dorado Seaside Suites 

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort that caters to those who don’t drink, El Dorado Seaside Suites is the perfect choice. Located on the stunning beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico, El Dorado Seaside Suites offers a wide variety of activities and amenities for those who want to take part in their luxurious and sophisticated environment without any alcohol.

El Dorado Seaside Suites provides an experience like no other. With a variety of suites and villas, you can enjoy a luxurious and peaceful stay. Whether you choose to relax in the Palms section or one of the infinity pool suites, you’ll be able to take advantage of stunning ocean views, private outdoor areas and access to El Dorado Spa’s world-renowned treatments.

The resort also has an array of activities and amenities that are designed to cater to non-drinkers. You can enjoy everything from cooking classes and watersports to beach volleyball and even a fully equipped fitness center. There are also plenty of on-site restaurants serving delicious cuisine. And if you’re looking for some fun in the sun, there’s even a swim-up bar that serves tropical drinks sans alcohol.

El Dorado Seaside Suites is the perfect resort for the sober set.


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