Spend Your Anniversary In Sweden

Spend Your Anniversary In Sweden

Couples that dream about European anniversary trips tend to instantly think Paris, Rome, London or even Barcelona or Amsterdam. Europe’s more exotic destinations, however, are often overlooked in the booking. If you want to celebrate your anniversary in style with a location that’s just a little more unique why not consider adding Sweden to your itinerary?

So, why would you and your honey want to anniversary in Sweden? Here are just a few reasons why this Scandinavian country is one of our favorites:

The geography and climate – Sweden might have a reputation for being ice covered and cold, but that’s not entirely true. The bulk of this country actually enjoys a temperate climate, which means all four seasons are enjoyed here. When that fact is coupled with the county’s stunning landscapes that range from snow-capped mountains to impressive lakes and seaside destinations, it becomes clear that Sweden is a great place to visit any time of the year.

The things to do – From skiing and dog sledding in the winter and mountain climbing and hiking in the spring and summer to exploring the historic cities and ancient sites any time, it’s nearly impossible to run out of things to do in Sweden. In Stockholm alone, you can explore medieval Viking sites, see the Nobel Prize Museum, go sailing, sit down for a real smorgasbord, visit art museums and more. Keep in mind, that’s just Stockholm. Sweden is a big country with lots of other destinations to explore.

Its romantic side – Sweden might not have the romantic reputation of France, but don’t count it out. The breathtaking sights found in Sweden are enough on their own to make the heart swoon, but add to them the dazzling Northern Lights this region is famed for and you just can’t go wrong. Plus, there’s just something so incredibly romantic about exploring big cities and ancient Viking ruins with the one you love that you’re both assured to have the time of your life.

The service delivered – When it comes to world-class service, it’s hard to top Swedish resorts. Here you will find some of Europe’s most impressive hotels. Whether you want to enjoy your anniversary in Sweden staying in a big resort that housed in a historic building or a more intimate boutique hotel appeals more, you’ll find plenty of options available.

Want to explore a Swedish anniversary? Just consult with one of our anniversary travel experts to begin planning a trip that’s sure to help you and your sweetheart create memories to last a lifetime.