Take A “Body Holiday” for your anniversary!

Take A “Body Holiday” for your anniversary!

Couples dreaming of a romantic anniversary getaway to a tropical destination that also includes a bit of adventure and a whole lot of pampering will discover one clear choice outshines most others: The Body Holiday. The all-inclusive resort with a unique name is St. Lucia’s answer to a highly indulgent, very romantic and incredibly awe-inspiring spa holiday. 

The Body Holiday is an all-inclusive resort nestled in the splendor that is St. Lucia. This independent island nation in the eastern Caribbean is famed for its stunning beaches, towering, almost-primeval looking mountains and its activities that can add up to a romantically restful anniversary getaway or a highly adventurous one – depending on a couple’s taste.

So, why choose The Body Holiday for your anniversary trip? Here are just a few reasons why:

The resort: The Body Holiday is a private resort that boasts its own private and rather secluded beach. Just imagine being able to wake up in the morning to a view of the Caribbean that’s not cluttered with tons of people. With highly appointed luxury rooms, five onsite dining and drink establishments and a list of other features a mile long, The Body Holiday is the perfect all-inclusive resort for couples’ getaways.

The wellness centre: This is one of the prime features of The Body Holiday, but it’s not your typical spa. While it does offer standard spa fare, such as beauty treatments and massages, its menu of offerings also includes treatment courses for those in need of a little TLC.

The activities: The spa boasts enough onsite activities to keep anyone busy. While the wellness centre is the centerpiece of the resort, guests here can also take fitness classes, enjoy working out with personal trainers, indulge in watersports, explore the Caribbean while scuba diving, play tennis, golf and more. There’s even an onsite archery range and “soft adventure” add on packages such as gorge rappelling, hiking, mountain biking and more.

St. Lucia: Guests at The Body Holiday might find themselves hard-pressed to leave the resort to explore considering all the pampering, but taking a few trips out to see the sights is well worth it. St. Lucia is known for its incredible beauty, delicious food, topnotch service and thriving nightlife. Visiting here and not taking in the view from the Pitons – the island’s famed twin peaks – is almost criminal.

Ready to get away from it all in St. Lucia? Just check with our anniversary travel experts to book a trip of a lifetime.