The Elounda Villas Make For An Amazing Honeymoon

The Elounda Villas Make For An Amazing Honeymoon

If the allure of the Greek islands is calling to you and your sweetheart for your special honeymoon getaway, there are all sorts of resorts you can explore for your stay. Should an intimate, romantic setting that encompasses all the Mediterranean beauty Greece is famous for be to your liking, Elounda Villas is the place to inquire about.

Located on the legendary island of Crete, Elounda Villas is a small boutique resort that boasts a five-star rating. With 18 villas, each with their own private pools, and 10 luxury suites, guests here can anticipate a quiet, intimate setting that’s just perfect for couples in love.

This private resort sets atop a hillside that overlooks the stunning blue waters of the Gulf of Mirabello. The resort features on-site dining, 24-hour reception service, multilingual staff, tennis courts, 1 km. of beachfront property and much more. Guests can anticipate topnotch service, high-end amenities and an atmosphere that’s perfect for romance.

Now, if you’re wondering why Crete is such a great honeymoon destination, here are just three reasons why couples fall in love with this particular island:

  • Its natural side – Crete is famed for a mild climate that’s welcoming throughout most of the year. Plus,  it boasts landscapes that rival some of the most spectacular in the world. From its seaside villages to bergs high in the mountains, visitors here are blown away by the natural beauty of Crete.
  • Its tourist attractions – Crete is home to a number of famous archaeological and historic sites. It also houses a number of museums with pieces that date back to ancient times. It is here that visitors can see the famed Minoan site of Knossos, visit the Limnoupolis Water Park and even go mountain climbing or skiing. The Matala Caves, Arhanes Village and the Samaria Gorge are also popular destinations.
  • Its options – Crete is one of those places that offers something for everyone. Couples that love high adventure will find snorkeling, diving, skiing and mountain climbing are all readily available here. For those that simply want to kick back and relax, the comfortable climate and beautiful beaches are sure to please. This is, of course, not to mention the incredible shopping and dining experiences found here.

If the Greek islands are your choice for a honeymoon adventure, Elounda Villas are ready to welcome you with open arms. For more information about this destination or booking a trip to Greece, just speak with our honeymoon travel experts.