Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding that Honors Diversity and Culture

Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding that Honors Diversity and Culture

A poll showed that 45% of people would like to have their wedding by the sea. This is why destination weddings in Mexico are so popular, as there are many gorgeous beach options especially when planning a beach wedding.

All-inclusive destination weddings are very popular for a variety of reasons. These reports usually include entertainment, drinks, transportation, and more all in one package. There’s no better way to make your wedding getaway a breeze than to pick the perfect venue and save yourself the worry of everything else that comes before and after the big date for you and your guests.

This can feel overwhelming, but a destination wedding travel agent can help. They will help you to create a wedding that honors diversity and culture.

We cover all the necessary tips on how to plan all-inclusive destination weddings below.

Select the Right Destination

When planning all-inclusive destination weddings, you need to pick the right place. To honor your culture on your special day, you should pick a destination that has a purpose.

People with a Mexican heritage often choose destination weddings in Mexico. This allows them to honor their culture where it originated. As many cultures have their own special wedding customs, it is important that the planner understand these unique customs and traditions so that it is incorporated into the event.

Of course, this is not necessary to plan a beautifully diverse wedding. But choosing just the right destinations is a great place to start.

This will also help you to have easier access to cultural aspects of your wedding. You may want to have local cuisine or traditional Mexican music.

These things will be much easier to source if you are in the right destination. Make sure you hire a destination wedding travel agent to help you with this.

You should also consider investing in the Bliss Honeymoons destination wedding planner book. This planner offers organizational pages and calendars to help you plan your wedding.

Create a Theme

A great way to create a diverse and cultural wedding is with a theme. A lot of weddings have a theme that sets the tone for all other details.

Not only is this a great way to organize your wedding, but it can also help to reduce stress. You could create a cultural theme that shows up throughout the wedding.

Destination weddings in Mexico could include traditional Mexican decorations on a beautiful beach. Or you could have a specific color scheme that complements your culture.

If you and your future spouse are from different cultures, you may want to mix up the theme. It takes a little more effort, but this is not too difficult to do.

Having a theme also makes it easier to delegate different details of your wedding. Your destination wedding travel agent will be able to help more if they know the theme.

Use Fashion

When having a wedding overseas, wedding planning becomes a bit more difficult. One thing you need to prioritize is what everyone will be wearing.

If you want a culturally diverse wedding, you could start with your dress. A lot of brides choose to have a cultural dress to reflect their background.

If you’re having a wedding overseas, keep in mind what the weather will be like. You want to make sure everyone is dressed for the elements as well as the occasion.

You could also have your entire wedding party wearing traditional clothing. This is something that you should decide on in the early stages of wedding planning.

This ensures that everyone will have the time to get their outfit before the wedding. You could even request that your guests wear traditional attire.

Add Small Meaningful Touches

if you want to keep your wedding simple, this does not have to be a problem. You can still include your culture without having it take over the wedding.

Great ways to do this include small and meaningful touches throughout the wedding. These are details that reflect your background without becoming the star of the show.

Here are some examples of how you can do this for all-inclusive destination weddings.


Using traditional wedding decor is a great way to create a diverse experience. You could do this through the specific colors same or different cultural elements.

For instance, if you have a Hawaiian background, you could use traditional flowers.


If you are going to give favors out at your wedding, you could make these traditional as well. You could give traditional jewelry as a favor, such as Mexican beads or other cultural pieces.

You could also give out cultural candy as favors for a more affordable option. This depends on your culture and the budget you have for your guest favors.

Incorporate Cultural Cuisine

A very popular way of including culture in a wedding besides the wedding location is the food. Everyone loves food, and every culture has something different to offer. Include a sampling of a few different cultural dishes that mean something to you is a great way to tie in local culture into a wedding.

Destination weddings in Mexico have an abundance of delicious options to choose from. Most wedding traditions include different cuisines and courses. You will want to make sure your wedding location is able to provide the cuisine you want.

Have Traditional Practices

Wedding traditions are a beautiful way to respect your culture and diverse background. For some people, this includes different religious aspects in the ceremony.

Or you may want to incorporate certain activities after the wedding is finished. This will depend on your culture and what you are willing to incorporate on your big day.

Make sure you plan ahead to make sure your destination wedding has what it needs. You may need to pick a specific venue or request special services.

A Guide to All-Inclusive Destination Weddings

Are you planning all-inclusive destination weddings? If so, you should hire a destination wedding travel agent to help you incorporate your culture.

Destination weddings create the perfect opportunity for a colorful wedding with delicious cuisine.

Are you planning a destination wedding? Contact us today at Bliss Honeymoons to grab a destination wedding planner.