Top European Foodie Destinations for Celebrating Your Anniversary

anniversary trips for foodies

Top European Foodie Destinations for Celebrating Your Anniversary

A special anniversary calls for an equally special celebration. If food and romance are your passions, embarking on a trip to Europe will provide the perfect ingredients for an adventure you’ll savor for a lifetime.

European destinations have long been favorites for discriminating foodies who value the finer things in life. Between amazing local dishes, incredibly romantic scenery and more history and art to explore than could ever be packed into a lifetime, it’s a fairly safe bet almost anywhere on the continent will serve perfectly for an anniversary celebration that won’t be forgotten.

To help you explore the choices, however, here are just a few of the top European foodie destinations that also set the stage for highly romantic vacations:

Edinburgh, Scotland

Between tours of castles and stunning natural scenery, stop by a local eatery to sample traditional haggis. If that proves too much, roasted Aberdeen Angus beef, Ayrshire bacon or roasted woodcock might delight.

Florence, Italy

With its stunning Renaissance eye appeal and local flavors that are famed around the world, Florence is the ideal spot for celebrating an anniversary in style. Dishes here include a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs with pork, beef, lamb and chicken favored in the meat department. For a more adventurous trip, consider working Venice, Roma and Palermo into the mix to gain a true appreciation for Italy’s regional flavors and scenery.

Paris, France

The city of love is also the perfect choice for foodies. With its distinctly rich flavors, robust wine and incredible cheeses, Paris could keep a culinary aficionado occupied for months. Add to this the fact that it’s one of the most romantic destinations in the world and topping it as a choice becomes nearly impossible.

Barcelona, Spain

With its beautiful coastal landscape, beautiful blend of Old World and highly modern architecture and tremendous flavors, Barcelona is one destination that can give Paris a run for its money. Dishes to savor here include bacon-wrapped dates, chorizo and flavorful empanadas, among others. The sangria is also a must-try.

Europe is a playground for those with a passion for outstanding cuisine. Other cities to consider include Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Madrid.

Mapping out a tasty European adventure to celebrate an anniversary is the perfect way to blend passions for both romance and amazing flavors. To find out more about the world-class resorts found in these destinations and to begin planning your trip, just speak with our anniversary travel advisors!