Top Resorts for Your Honeymoon in Moorea

Top Resorts for Your Honeymoon in Moorea

Moorea Honeymoons

You’ve just said “I do” and now face the delightful challenge of deciding where to celebrate your new beginning together. So what’s an ideal spot that combines romance with tropical luxury?

The answer is Moorea!

Today we’re diving into the top Moorea resorts for your Tahiti honeymoon getaway, exploring their unique features and the romantic experiences they promise to provide.

Hilton Moorea

Why Choose Moorea

Moorea is a place where love blooms easily. Its stunning beaches, clear blue waters, and lush green mountains create a perfect scene for romance.

This island isn’t just beautiful. It offers a peaceful retreat far from the busy world. Couples looking for a mix of adventure and relaxation will find Moorea to be an ideal spot.

The island’s charm is famous worldwide and attracts many honeymooners each year. Here, you can enjoy intimate moments with breathtaking views that seem like they’re straight out of a movie. The welcoming locals and the serene environment enhance the feeling of being in a paradise made just for two.

Choosing Moorea means giving your new life together a beautiful beginning. It’s a place that promises not just memories but truly enchanting experiences that stick with you forever.

Moorea Resorts for Honeymooners

There are some incredible resorts you can choose from in Moorea. Let’s go over some of our favorites!

Hilton Moorea

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa is an idyllic destination for honeymooners. Nestled between two scenic bays, this resort offers luxurious over-the-water bungalows that feature modern Polynesian décor, providing a serene and private setting.

The bungalows are well-appointed with resort amenities such as private terraces and direct access to the lagoon. They’re perfect for couples who enjoy intimate moments surrounded by natural beauty.

The resort is not only known for its accommodations but also for its range of amenities designed to enhance the romantic experience. These include a renowned spa offering couples’ treatments, and a variety of dining options with romantic settings.

They also boast the Moorea Dolphin Center where guests can interact with marine life. Its commitment to a blend of luxury and natural conservation makes it a particularly appealing choice for those who appreciate sustainability alongside comfort.


Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora Beach Resort

Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora Beach Resort is renowned for its exceptional location and luxurious amenities, making it a top choice for honeymooners. Situated on one of Moorea’s most beautiful white sand beaches, the resort offers spectacular views and easy access to the ocean.

The stylish and modern bungalows and rooms are designed to provide privacy and comfort. They feature elegant décor and private terraces that look out over the lagoon or the lush gardens.

For couples, the resort’s amenities are geared towards creating a memorable and romantic experience. Guests can enjoy fine dining at the resort’s restaurants, which offer local and international cuisine in stunning settings.

The outdoor infinity pool and on-site spa provide relaxation and pampering opportunities, perfect after a day of snorkeling or exploring the island. With its blend of natural beauty, luxury, and intimate atmosphere, the Sofitel Moorea Kia Ora Beach Resort is an ideal destination for a honeymoon getaway.

Manava Moorea

Manava Beach Resort and Spa

Manava Beach Resort and Spa in Moorea exudes a charming boutique hotel ambiance, making it a favored choice for honeymooners seeking a blend of tradition and luxury. The resort features 90 rooms and bungalows, each decorated in traditional Polynesian style with thatched roofs and local art.

The accommodations are designed to foster privacy and romance. Many of them provide stunning views of the lagoon or are nestled in lush tropical gardens.

The resort’s amenities cater to both relaxation and adventure. Honeymooners can indulge in the on-site spa, which offers a range of treatments perfect for couples looking to unwind.

The infinity pool and private beach access allow guests to soak in the sun in a gorgeous setting. Dining options at the resort celebrate local flavors, providing intimate, gourmet meals ideal for romantic evenings. With its cozy yet luxurious setup, Manava Beach Resort and Spa ensures a memorable and intimate stay for all its guests.

Moorea French Polynesia

Linareva Moorea Beach Resort

Linareva Moorea Beach Resort offers a unique and intimate setting for honeymooners looking for a peaceful retreat. Located on the quieter, more natural side of Moorea, this small hotel provides a close connection to the island’s stunning landscapes. It also gives you direct access to beautiful beachfront and lush surroundings.

The resort’s accommodations range from garden studios to beach bungalows and villas. Each one is designed to blend into the natural environment with comfort and privacy.

The amenities at Linareva are tailored for couples seeking both relaxation and adventure. Guests can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, and bicycle rentals to explore the area.

The resort also provides a communal kitchen and BBQ facilities, ideal for couples who prefer a more homely atmosphere.

Working with a Honeymoon Travel Agent

Using a honeymoon travel agent can greatly simplify the process of planning your romantic getaway to Moorea. A travel agent brings expertise and access to resources that can make booking your trip less stressful and more efficient.

They have relationships with resorts and can often secure special deals or upgrades that aren’t available to the general public. For example, they might arrange for a bottle of champagne to be waiting in your room or get you a table at a sought-after restaurant.

Travel agents also offer personalized service, taking the time to understand your preferences and desires for the honeymoon. They can tailor your itinerary to include activities and experiences that match your interests, whether it’s adventure sports, spa days, or cultural excursions.

If any issues arise during your trip, having a travel agent as a point of contact can be invaluable. They can handle changes in travel plans or book alternative accommodations.


An Incredible Honeymoon

Moorea resorts offer an enchanting blend of luxury, romance, and natural beauty, perfect for honeymooners. 

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