Treehouse Honeymoon Hotels

Treehouse Honeymoon Hotels

Treehouse Honeymoon Hotels Make Fantasies Come True

Whether you’ve dreamed of living in the trees like the Swiss Family Robinson or Tolkien’s exotic wood elves, the fantasy can be played out at a number of magical resorts around the globe. Treehouse honeymoons, in fact, blend romance, wonder, luxury and beauty into a single package that is sure to set the stage for an incredible getaway.

Set high above the ground, much like fictional Lothlorien of Tolkien’s imagination, treehouse resorts are a marvel to behold. Delivering incredible service, beautiful settings and luxury accommodations, these unusual resorts are simply wonderful for romantic getaways. Honeymooners in search of adventure will find treehouse resorts available in a variety of attractive destinations on continents across the globe. Here are just a few of the many options available:

  • Costa Rica’s Tree House Lodge – Located in Punta Uva, this resort sits on 10 acres of oceanfront property that boasts private beach access, a lush forested area and a tranquil atmosphere that’s ideal for honeymoons. Boasting five private houses, each with their own charms, the resort offers accommodations for those who wish to be within the trees and those who prefer keeping it closer to the ground. It also provides a number of onsite activities and assists guests with adventure excursions and sightseeing.
  • Playa Viva – This eco-resort along Mexico’s Pacific coast delivers luxury, wonder and an incredible view. Relying on solar power, the boutique resort strives to be at one with its surroundings, which include a beachfront area and lush forested backdrop. Covering some 200 acres, much of the resort is considered a private nature reserve. Rooms here rise above the ground with a series of bridges, ramps and stairs providing access.
  • Belize Tree House Resort – This small resort delivers luxury at every turn with four distinct treehouses rising above the Caves Branch River. The units feature full bathrooms, electricity, luxury appointments and stunning views. For those who prefer staying on the ground, the resort also boasts cabanas and bungalows, among other options. Guests here enjoy a lush jungle setting, onsite activities and an onsite restaurant, among other amenities.

Honeymoons are meant to deliver wonder, privacy and adventure set within a romantic backdrop. Treehouse resorts deliver in a very big way while also making fantasies come true. To find out more about these destinations and others around the world, be sure to consult with our honeymoon travel pros.