Unbelievable Anniversary Trips

Unbelievable Anniversary Trips

Anniversaries without Walls

You go to the Caribbean to soak up the sun, take in the scenery and smell the fresh sea air. With that in mind, it just doesn’t make sense to spend an anniversary closed in a tiny hotel room. When a deeper, more romantic experience is desired, the island country of St. Lucia delivers. With its “hotels without walls,” you can bring the outside in so the ambiance of the Caribbean is enjoyed in its entirety.

Why Select a Resort ‘without Walls?’

Resorts that bill themselves as offering rooms without walls don’t skip on privacy. These private guest rooms, bungalows and villas are enclosed – but only on three sides. The fourth is left open, often blending into a large porch or pouring seamlessly into an infinity pool. Blinds and shades can be closed if privacy is needed, but otherwise the view is uninterrupted.

St. Lucia is the ideal spot for taking an anniversary trip without walls. With its white-sand beaches and incredible volcanic landscape, it’s practically criminal to spend time here away from the scenery. These are three of our favorite places to enjoy St. Lucia, its famed Pitons and the beauty of the Caribbean while also bathing in luxurious resort appointments:

  • Ladera – St. Lucia’s only hotel that doubles as a UNESCO World Heritage site is situated with a stunning view of the Pitons. This resort features a host of onsite activities, including horseback riding, water sports and more. It also offers guests first-class dining to go along with its rooms with a view. Rooms here feature open porches or infinity pools that give the illusion of melting into the landscape.
  • Anse Chastanet – Guests at this resort also enjoy amazing views of the Pitons and the Caribbean. This hotel’s rooms are designed with luxury in mind with many featuring their own private porches that overlook the scenery. The resort also boasts its own onsite dining, a spa and a host of activities.
  • Jade Mountain – With amazing infinity pools and a view that’s unstoppable, this resort takes luxury to a whole new level. In addition to its accommodations without walls, Jade Mountain also has its own spa, onsite dining, activities and more.

Why settle for taking in the stunning views of St. Lucia from tiny windows in a standard hotel? Consider an anniversary without walls to experience this amazing destination as it was meant to be enjoyed. For more details on booking a trip to this island paradise, just check with our anniversary travel experts.