Vow Renewal Gift Registry: Is it Appropriate?

Vow Renewal Gift Registry: Is it Appropriate?

Vow Renewal Gift Registry: Is it Appropriate?

Reaffirming your love for your spouse is a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary. When friends and family are invited along to witness your vow renewal, it can be even more special, creating memories you’ll all cherish for years to come. This special occasion, however, does tend to bring up some rather interesting etiquette questions especially in regard to vow renewal gifts. Should guests bring them and should you help them select just the right items by setting up a vow renewal gift registry?

The simple answer to the question is no. Vow renewal etiquette dictates that gifts aren’t required or even anticipated. This is simply because the purpose of giving gifts at weddings is to help a couple get started in live. Since this purpose isn’t at the forefront of a renewal ceremony, gifts are strictly optional.

All that said, however, many guests will feel they should bring something – especially if the renewal takes place on a milestone anniversary. After all, guests often enjoy bringing token gifts to help those they care about celebrate big events in their lives.

So, how should you handle it?

Here are some tips that can help you navigate the murky, often confusing waters that surround vow renewal gifts and answers to a Vow Renewal Gift Registry: Is it Appropriate?:

  • Tell them upfront – If you’re printing formal invitations for the vow renewal ceremony, add a line that says “No gifts please.” If guests choose to bring something anyway, that’s completely up to them. By stating in advance, however, you’ve removed any expectation and put the ball in their court.
  • Suggest appropriate gifts – If guests insist on bringing something – and some will – consider directing them to anniversary appropriate gifts, such as those traditional for the milestone at hand. Resist the urge to set up a registry, however, as that will set the tone that you’re expecting vow renewal gifts.
  • Remember to be thankful – Vow renewal gifts aren’t necessary, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated. If your guests do bring gifts despite your intentions to not receive them, do take the time to write thank-you cards to those who have done so. It’s also a great idea to write notes to those who simply attended and helped make your special day even more so.

Vow renewal etiquette is a bit different than what you encountered on that first trip down the aisle. Just remind guests that presents are not requested, but their presence is. If they choose to indulge, thank them for their kindness and delight in their generosity.