Wedding Planning Packages

Basic Package Behind The Scenes Complete Package 
Is this the package for you? 
  • You don’t need a lot of handholding and are comfortable with the process of working with the wedding planners at the resort. You just want a little extra support and a head start on planning to help you get organized.
  • You want Bliss Honeymoons to be your main wedding planner, but do not expect to need more than 4meetings to plan your wedding. You are relaxed and make decisions easily. You don’t plan to have extra group events in the week of the wedding.


  • You may need more than 4 meetings to plan out all the details of your wedding but like the idea of doing the bulk of that work with Bliss honeymoons before transitioning to the resort’s wedding planners.
  • You want to make sure that we are able to cover everything and anything necessary over the course of our meetings. You have big plans for your wedding day and need extra meetings to work through all the details.
  • You want to consider Bliss Honeymoons your only wedding planner.
  • You want the highest level of support, the lowest level of stress.
  • You don’t want to offer your guests just one day of celebration but a whole week of activities. From the welcome party to the rehearsal dinner, a group excursion, or even a private cooking class, we can help you plan it all!
Getting Started Meeting yes! yes! yes!
Extra meetings 0 4 8
Meeting recap via email yes! yes! yes!
Wedding Budget Organizer  yes! yes! yes!
Wedding Planning checklist  yes! yes! yes!
Schedule a conference call with the wedding planner  yes! yes! yes!
Quarterly check-in no yes! yes, likely more!
Stay copied in on any e-mails with the wedding coordinator  yes! yes! yes!
Coordination of preview trip yes! yes! yes!
Wedding day timeline no yes! yes!
Reception planning  no yes! yes!
Coordination of all weekly events including welcome party, group excursions & more no If there is time, yes!  yes!
Payment Schedule $399.00 $1499.00 $2999.00