Who Should You Invite To Your Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Who Should You Invite To Your Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Who Should You Invite on Your Vow Renewal Trip?

You and your honey have been married for years, but you’re more in love today than ever before. As your anniversary approaches, you’ve decided to plan a getaway and you intend to renew your vows while you’re there.

While this is an incredibly romantic way to celebrate an anniversary, it can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. Trying to decide how much pomp to put into the circumstance and how many people to invite along for the fun can create a headache that rivals Mount Rushmore.

So, who should you invite?

There is a simple rule of thumb that goes into vow renewal planning that doesn’t necessarily fit an actual wedding: Since you’re already married, you are technically “free” to invite as many or as few people as you want. A vow renewal isn’t a wedding and you don’t have to have a guest list of 500 of your closest friends to enjoy a fantastic time.

Since you’re considering a vow renewal trip, here are some tips that can help you craft the guest list:

  • Consider your personal preferences – Sit down with your spouse and talk about how big of an affair you’d like to hold. If you both decide that small and intimate suits your style, start crafting the guest list from there. Remember, it’s customary to invite your children (or grandchildren) along for a vow renewal and maybe a few other friends and family. You are not obligated, however, to really invite anyone. You can “elope” this time around and get away with it if you want to!


  • Consider your desired destination – Where you intend to take your trip can greatly whittle down a guest list. For example, if you want to renew your vows in a quaint location within the United States, your guest list might realistically be a bit bigger since more people are likely to attend. Now, if you plan to escape to Paris to renew your vows, the travel might be cost prohibitive for a large guest list.


  • Consider your need for “alone time” – Since you’re discussing a destination vow renewal, you might want to think about the time after the ceremony. Chances are if you have 40 people come along for the fun, they’re going to stick around at the resort in the days that follow. Do you really want a lot of people tagging along for your anniversary adventure? If not, invite accordingly.


No matter what you decide, a vow renewal is an incredible way to celebrate an anniversary. Just remember it’s your day and you can plan and celebrate it any way you want. When you’re ready to start putting the details together, consult one of our romance travel experts that specializes in anniversary and honeymoon travel for the best ideas on where to go, where to stay, and how to plan the ceremony.