With This Simple Tip You CAN Afford Your Dream Honeymoon

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With This Simple Tip You CAN Afford Your Dream Honeymoon

Let’s face it…weddings can drain your bank account faster than you can say “I do.” Many consider postponing their honeymoon or settling for something inexpensive they’re not thrilled with because they just can’t see how they can afford one. Fortunately, there’s a way to afford your dream honeymoon. This simple solution offers a tactful way to ask for money from your wedding guests, and its fun for your guests too! So don’t settle for blah, read on and enjoy the honeymoon you’ve always wanted.

Can I register for that? Start a honeymoon registry.

If there is one challenge that almost all engaged couples share, it’s where to come up with the funds to pay for their honeymoon. And while 9 out of 10 couples would like to ask for money for their honeymoon, finding a tactful way to ask for cash is hard! Fortunately, this problem can be solved, thanks to a honeymoon registry.

honeymoon registry offers an easy way for you to ask for money instead of traditional presents. Instead of registering at a houseware or department store, you’ll share your honeymoon registry “wish list” with your guests! Guests can buy portions of your honeymoon as wedding gifts and will enjoy giving you an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Hire a honeymoon planner.

Use a friendly honeymoon planner to help you nail down the details of your dream honeymoon, and make sure you’re getting the best value. At Bliss Honeymoons, we’ll set up your honeymoon registry account free of charge. Your registry can be customized to your honeymoon destination with items like spa treatments, golf, zip lining, an upgraded room, and more. You’ll be provided with a link to share with your family and friends, so they can easily jump online and make a contribution to your honeymoon registry.

Your guests will love it because they can purchase a wonderful gift with just a few clicks of the mouse with no boxes to ship and nothing to gift wrap. They can even leave you a message telling you what they’ve purchased and offered their best wishes for your fun in the sun.

The gifts in your registry are not physically purchased or set up. You’ll receive the gifts in the form of a check from the registry company. It’s secure, easy for you and your guests, and a sure-fire way to get you and your honey where you want to go.

Share the joy

There are several ways to ensure your guest feel like a part of it all. Once you return post pictures of your trip and of the two of you enjoying some of the activities on your registry. Or, send postcard Thank You notes from your location. Unlike a gravy boat, a honeymoon gift creates memories you can share.

Now that you know how you’re going to manage your honeymoon budget, connect with Bliss Honeymoons to get started today!


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